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Subject Weekly Update
Date October 15, 2022 5:00 PM
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A Quick Message From Team AAU
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On November 30th, An America United is putting together The 2022 Governor's
Celebration — a huge event for us to all get together and celebrate Governor
Hogan's accomplishments over the last eight years. Having you there is very
important to Governor Hogan and the team here at An America United. There will
belive music, drinks, and tons of fun.

The Governor's Celebration will be at Maryland Live! Casino on November 30th,
2022. Below is the formal invitation with more details for the event.

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New Poll: America's Three Most Popular Governors Are All Republicans In Blue
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A new poll affirms that Americans are hungry for leaders who put results over
party loyalty and performative politics. According toMorning Consult
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, three of America’s most popular Governors are Republicans who have governed
as common sense conservatives in historically deep-blue states, including
Governor Hogan, who maintains an eye-popping 70% approval rating from

This comes as President Biden and President Trump continue to maintain
historically low approval ratings across the country.

According to another recent poll from The Washington Post — University of
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, Governor Larry Hogan “is poised to leave office in January with the highest
approval ratings of any governor in the two decades.” In this hyperpolarized
age, Governor Hogan has proven that there is a better path forward than the
divisiveness and dysfunction of our national politics.

Governor Hogan Continues National Leadership On Reducing Barriers To
Good-Paying Jobs
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Governor Larry Hogan continues to be a national leader on reducing barriers to
good paying jobs. Earlier today, he announced a first of its kind in the nation
$15 million Jobs That Build Initiative
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to eliminate real-world barriers to careers in infrastructure through enhanced
recruitment efforts, smarter training, and enduring employee retention.

Last week, An America United released a national proposal on how to expand
career opportunities outside of a four-year college degree modeled based on
what Governor Hogan has already achieved in Maryland, including achieving a
record milestone of12,000 apprenticeships
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statewide andeliminating the four-year college degree requirement
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for thousands of state jobs.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed
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outlining the proposal, Governor Hogan wrote, “We must reorient the education
system to fit the economic and cultural needs of the 21st century. A patriotic
and skilled workforce, unencumbered by unbearable levels of debt, will allow
the U.S. to compete with China and other adversaries while defending the values
of the American founding.”

Watch Governor Hogan’s press conference here.
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In Case You Missed It:
Governor Hogan Recently Spoke to the "Exhausted Majority" at 'Politics & Eggs'
in New Hampshire
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When so many feel that neither party is delivering for them, the result is
toxic politics, rabid tribalism, and hatred of others.

We won’t fix any of this by catering to the loudest and angriest voices. We do
it by standing against the extremes and for the majority of Americans. <[link removed]>
— Larry Hogan (@LarryHogan) October 10, 2022
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Our allies across the world still believe in America, but they worry that
America is too divided to believe in itself.

We aren’t going to fix any of this by catering to the extremes. We do it by
standing up against the extremes and for the majority of Americans. <[link removed]>
— Larry Hogan (@LarryHogan) October 13, 2022
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Thank you, Maryland Task Force 1, for stepping up to help our fellow Americans
during the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Welcome home![link removed]
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— Governor Larry Hogan (@GovLarryHogan) October 11, 2022
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