From Friends of Bill Posey <[email protected]>
Subject Trump's CPAC Address
Date July 18, 2021 7:05 PM
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President Trump took to the CPAC stage last weekend and reminded
us why we believe in the America First agenda.

The most important and powerful moment of his address touched on
the very issues that led me to Congress, what I have spent my
time there fighting for, and why Washington’s
go-along-to-get-along crowd doesn’t care much for me or you.

“The radical left and the failed political establishment hates
our movement for a simple reason because together we took on the
corrupt special interests...”

The only thing the well-connected D.C. elites oppose more than
the policies of the “other side,” is accountability and
transparency. I’ve introduced an agenda to close loopholes for
lobbyists, end the grip of special interest groups over the
legislative process, and keep unelected, unaccountable
bureaucrats from making laws and regulations that stifle business
and increase fees (hidden taxes) on American families to stay in
control of our lives.

The Washington insider crowd has taken over – working to reverse
much of the good work we accomplished with President Trump to
Make America Great Again.

President Trump’s message at CPAC is a message of hope. We should
never settle for the D.C. swamp. We are and must fight back, hold
Congress accountable, bring transparency to Washington, take the
Speaker's gavel from Nancy Pelosi and put America first every

But it is going to take your help. If you are able, please
consider joining our Victory Team by donating $5, $10, $15 or
even consider becoming a monthly donor ( [link removed] ) to
help us get the job done.


Bill Posey

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