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Reacting to the Massive Surge in Chinese Nationals Illegally Crossing Southern Border
There has been a 900% surge in Chinese nationals illegally crossing the southern border.

Are they being held until we vet whether or not they work for the Chinese Communist Party? Of course not.

This is on top of the record number of illegals crossing our northern border. I joined Spicer & Co. to discuss this further – please take a moment to watch below!

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 Fighting to Unleash American Energy 
 I’m fighting to end Biden’s war on our oil and gas industry and restore American energy independence!

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 Fentanyl Is Not Just a U.S. Problem
More than 2.4 million fentanyl pills were seized at a single port of entry last weekend.

Obviously, this deadly drug isn’t just a U.S. problem…

We must hold Mexico accountable for its part in this crisis.

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Biden Uses First Veto to Defend Rule on ESG Investing 
Last week, Biden used his veto power to side with woke Wall Street and an agenda that squanders your retirement.

Take note of where his priorities lie – not with you. 

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The House Passes the Parents Bill of Rights
Parents have rights regarding their child's education.

On Friday, I voted to ensure those rights are protected.
284 Suspected Terrorists Apprehended So Far in Fiscal Year 2023
Let this headline sink in.

Then, ask yourself how many suspected terrorists weren’t caught.

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Americans Are Sick of the Left's Quest for Political Vengeance
From their quest for political vengeance on Trump to releasing violent criminals without bail, Americans are fed up with the Left's double standard of justice!

I joined The Chris Salcedo Show to discuss this, U.S. military force in Mexico, and more – watch below!

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 We Must Investigate
 The Red Cross has been caught giving “how to” guides to migrants trying to enter the U.S. unlawfully.

This is NOT the first time an NGO has been found explicitly aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

We must investigate!

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Rural Michigan Communities Revolt Over Plans to Build Chinese-Owned Factories Nearby 
 Why bring a communist Chinese company into Big Rapids or anywhere else in America?!

They spy on us, steal our IP, use slave labor, and repress their own people.

They are the enemy of the free world!

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TikTok Is a Surveillance Network for China
TikTok is a surveillance network for Communist China and must be banned.

- Keystroke patterns/rhythms
- Purchase information
- Files names/types
- IP address/mobile carrier
- Content of messages
- Name/age/location

These are just a few of the things this app collects from you.

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Leave Our Second Amendment Rights Alone
Chicago – a city with some of the strictest gun laws... and the highest crime rates.

The uptick in violence has zero to do with guns and everything to do with leftist soft-on-crime policies and woke DAs refusing to prosecute criminals.

Leave our Second Amendment rights alone!

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Biden's Approval Rating Sinks Once Again
Biden has proven to be incompetent on nearly every issue:

- Foreign policy
- National security
- Economic prosperity
- Military preparedness
- Fiscal responsibility

He's the worst president in history.

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Playing with David Varnado
 After presenting a U.S. flag to Jefferson County native and award-winning musician David Varnado in honor of his being named “Fiddler the Year,” I had the opportunity to play with him.
The highlight was strumming on a guitar owned and signed by Southeast Texas legend George Jones.

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Chief Ortiz Told Congress the Truth
Border Patrol Chief Ortiz told Congress the truth: DHS does NOT have operational control of our southern border.

Sec. Mayorkas continues to say otherwise and must answer for his lies.

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Republicans Demand Answers from West Point Over Pronoun "Play Acting" Training Session
Do you think future Russian and Chinese officers prioritize pronouns during their training? No.

The Left’s wokeness over readiness agenda is hurting our military and placing those who will lead it at a dangerous disadvantage.

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REMINDER: Look at Your Passport!
 If you’re planning to travel out of the country, ensure your passport is valid!

With international travel restrictions continuing to be lifted, processing times for passport renewals/new passports are still increasing.

Plan ahead, so that you can enjoy your trip!

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SECURE Flights Act (H.R. 1703)
This bill prevents the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) from letting illegal aliens use an arrest warrant as ID to board a commercial flight.
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