Brad Lander for NYC Comptroller


Tens of thousands of asylum seekers have arrived in New York City over the past year seeking safety and opportunity.

New York has served as a beacon of light and hope for those seeking a better life in the United States for centuries, and it’s important that our city has the resources to support new arrivals to contribute to the economic and cultural vibrancy of this immigrant city.

Right now, our city desperately needs the federal government to ramp up financial support if we’re going to give asylum seekers the support they need. New York State, too, needs to pay its fair share.

Earlier this month, my office released the first detailed accounting of the contracts the city is entering into to provide shelter and services to new arrivals. Our takeaway: this isn't sustainable.

In addition to the funding we need from Washington and Albany, we also need to accelerate efforts to help migrants apply for asylum and work authorization, while scaling up strategies to help people move from shelter to permanent housing.

Even before this big wave of new arrivals, the average stay in our shelter system had reached 500 days. Our report outlined ways to help New Yorkers, whether they've been here two decades or two days, transition out of shelter and into housing.

At the Port Authority, in city shelters, and at the new Humanitarian Emergency Relief Centers, I’ve met both people who have ensured tremendous hardship, and those who are showing up in incredible ways to support them.

The federal and state government must step up now to help the City provide the shelter, services and work permits our new neighbors need to start their lives here.

I know that many New Yorkers are wondering how best to get involved and support asylum seekers at this time.

Check out this list from Documented NY detailing how you can tangibly support those arriving in our city, including ways to donate.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support. I know that our New York City community will show generosity and compassion as always.

– Brad


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