Now we have to band together to protect Dreamers and preserve our nation’s promise.

I’m sure I’ve made clear how I feel about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. But just for the record, I’ll say it again.
DeSantis is a bully. He gets his kicks by beating up on the voiceless and he does it to get affirmation from a loud, dominant, and ultraconservative faction of the Republican Party.
He’s gone after LBGTQ+ youth. He’s gone after women. He’s gone after anyone who tries to defy his cruelty. And now he’s going after Dreamers — people who came to this country as children, who had no choice in the matter. Young people who know no other home except America.
DeSantis wants to repeal in-state tuition for recipients of President Obama’s DACA program. It’s a measure so extreme that even Republican Senator Rick Scott — who wants to drown Social Security and Medicare in a bathtub — openly disagrees with DeSantis.
MAGA hardliners like Ron DeSantis aren’t just being reckless with their own constituents’ livelihoods, they’re being cruel. That’s why I’m fighting in DC to pass protections for Dreamers as part of any immigration reform bill. And I wrote as much in the AJC recently:
John, I’d welcome a comprehensive immigration proposal from Republicans that we could actually debate. But — as I’m sure you’ve noticed over the past two months — all the party of MAGA knows how to do is complain and play the victim, just like their red-hatted dear leader. They certainly don’t know how to govern. Republicans are more suited to sit in the peanut gallery and criticize. So let’s oblige them.

Thank you,
Hank Johnson


Congressman Hank Johnson is a former defense attorney, DeKalb County commissioner, small business owner, and magistrate judge who now serves in Congress as a champion for the middle class.

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