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Subject Don't let the Democrats hijack our children's education, John
Date March 20, 2023 6:29 PM
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BREAKING NEWS: State Republicans Sound Alarm Over Democrats' 'Misleading' Agenda To Endanger Children's Education <[link removed]>

Dear John,

We need your IMMEDIATE HELP to protect our children's education. Governor Cooper is misleading the public and is trying to raise funds off of the Parents' Bill of Rights. His claims are incorrect and endanger our children's education. <[link removed]>

As parents, we all want our children to be safe in school and receive an education that aligns with our values. But "woke" liberal politicians are trying to push EXTREME ideologies on our children through public schools, which we cannot (and will not) tolerate.

Thankfully, we have a solution. The Parents' Bill of Rights ensures common-sense protections to keep sexualization out of elementary school classrooms, and we must do everything in our power to make sure it becomes law. <[link removed]>

We need your immediate support to elect a strong Republican governor in North Carolina who will support our cause. Time is running out, and if we don't act now, the Democrats will win in 2024, and our children's education will be in jeopardy.

We urge you to CHIP IN $10 OR MORE right now to make a difference. We don’t have much time to raise funds and make our voice heard. <[link removed]>

Recent Donations From Grassroots Republicans:

Paul K. from Holden Beach, NC donated $25.00

Angela C. from Spring Lake, NC donated $208.00

Linda B. from Boone, NC donated $114.00

Linda B. from Boone, NC donated $114.00

Tina B. from donated $475.00

Your Donation: [PENDING]

Suggested Amount: $10

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With your donation, we can run ads and organize events to raise awareness about the Parents' Bill of Rights and elect a governor who will support it. Your contribution will make a significant impact, and we cannot do this without you. <[link removed]>

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It is IMPERATIVE that we ACT NOW to protect our children's education. We cannot let the Democrats continue to push their extreme ideologies on our children. <[link removed]> We must stop them in their tracks, and we can only do this with your support.

Please CHIP IN $10 OR MORE IMMEDIATELY and help us make a difference for our children's future. <[link removed]>

Chip In Now <[link removed]>

Thank you for your support in this critical time.


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