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Subject TONIGHT'S 350MKE Meeting
Date March 14, 2023 6:00 PM
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Ideas to prepare for a Fossil Fuel Free Future                                                                                   

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Why we are 350: Scientists overwhelmingly agree that 350ppm CO2 is the upper limit to sustain life as humans have lived it. For 800,000+ years atmospheric CO2 varied between roughly 180 to 280ppm ([link removed]) (graphic).
Latest CO2 Values at the Mauna Loa Observatory ([link removed])

* TONIGHT: 350MKE Meeting - How Not to freeze your A** off!
* Friday Mar. 17, 12pm: Demonstration at Chase North
* Tuesday April 4: 2023 WI Supreme Court and District 8 Elections

350MKE People Make a Difference - We Act!

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350 Milwaukee Meeting
Tonight, March 14, 7 - 8:30pm
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No More Fossil Fuels?
How Not to Freeze Your A** Off in the Dark!

Dan Folkman
* What are your options when you decide to stop using gas (a.k.a. natural gas - methane, a potent Green House Gas) or oil to heat your house and your water?
+ Or, gas has become too expensive?
+ Or, gas is no longer available?
* What are the alternatives?
* Strategies and green technologies for existing and new construction to bring your home to a net-zero carbon footprint.
* How do you get started.

Time: Tuesday, March 14, 7 - 8:30pm

Join Zoom Meeting ([link removed])
Meeting ID: 818 7303 5880
Passcode: 809467

Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Find your local number: [link removed] ([link removed])

Update on in-person meetings: The Steering Committee meeting is sorting out the technical details with a goal of starting hybrid meetings in the spring.
350MKE Fridays for Future
Fridays from 12:00 - 1:00 pm
​Chase & Wells Fargo Banks
Many banks (including Chase and Wells Fargo) are lending their depositor's money to fossil fuel companies to develop new fossil fuel production.

We want more people to be aware of this and hopefully confront their bank!

How? Mention it to the teller.
Or, talk to the bank manager.
Or, move your account(s) to a climate responsible bank.
Or, contact the bank's CEO.

Julie filled out the "$300 reward card" card from Chase saying she wouldn't open an account there because of Chase's investment in fossil fuels. Then went to the bank, presented it to the teller, and explained it. Cool!

We're alternating among three Chase Bank locations in different areas of Milwaukee
Chase Bank Calendar:
* Friday March 17 - Silver Spring Dr. & Lydell Ave. ([link removed])
* ​Friday March 24 - 27h St. & Loomis Rd. ([link removed]) ​
* Friday March 31 - Wisconsin Ave. & Water St. ([link removed])
* Friday April 7 - Silver Spring Dr. & Lydell Ave. ([link removed])

We have signs, or bring your own!
Masks and Physical Distancing as appropriate
No protest when below 20F, Winter Advisory, or wet snow/rain (signs are paper)
Wisconsin State Primary
Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Find your Polling Location, and a lot more, at [link removed]


Wisconsin State Supreme Court coverage
If you've read this far, we're likely preaching to the choir. However, we're asking you to help get out the vote among your family, friends and neighbors. So here's more background we hope you will use.

Politics, ‘values’ and big money in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race - Wisconsin Examiner ([link removed])

Wisconsin Supreme Court race could have big implications for abortion, election laws - CBSNews ([link removed])

WI Senate District 8 could give Republicans a senate supermajority
Rep. Dan Knodl wins Republican primary for crucial 8th Senate District seat - JSOnline
"The races comes at a time when the Senate GOP caucus is seeking to hold onto a supermajority ([link removed]) , which gives Senate Republicans the power to remove impeached state officers — including the governor, attorney general, and other officials. At the same time, Democrats are making more headway ([link removed]) in the traditionally conservative suburbs surrounding Milwaukee."

Habush Sinykin campaign: Sets stage for general election ([link removed]) - WISPolitics

Even if you don't vote in Wisconsin Senate District 8, you can chip in $3 or $5 to the campaign of the candidate who best reflects your views!

District 8 Map ([link removed])

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