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Here are some highlights of my work from the past couple of weeks:

Clean air for all

I went to 10 Downing Street to deliver a letter to the Prime Minister, urging him to clean up our dirty, toxic air by adopting Ella’s Law, which I’m championing in the House of Commons. The Bill is named after Ella Roberta Adoo Kiss-Debrah, who died aged 9 from air pollution and was the first person to have air pollution listed on her death certificate – if passed, it would make clean air a human right for all, and set strict targets to reduce the most polluting particulates. I wrote for the Guardian about why this Bill is so desperately needed.

Outside the House of Commons with Right to Roam campaigners

Solar panels

I’ve started a new campaign calling on the Government to make solar panels mandatory on all suitable new homes. Solar panels are going onto domestic roofs at just half the speed that's needed to meet the Government’s own targets, and just 4.4% of our country’s energy is coming from solar. There is huge potential to tackle the climate emergency and slash energy bills, but it’s not being taken. So it's time for Ministers to pick up the pace. If we're going to secure a liveable futurewith clean, green, abundant & affordable renewableswe need to see a real rooftop revolution. You can watch my question to the Minister here.

Green New Deal

The Green New Deal APPG (which I co-chair alongside Labour MP Clive Lewis) has published a landmark new report, urging the Government to power up local communities with more finance, resources and regulatory frameworks in order to hit our climate targets. A Green New Deal vision of warm and comfortable homes, renewable and affordable local energy, healthy and low-carbon food, and cheap and clean transport is within reach – but the Government must let local people lead. I wrote an article on the report for the New Statesman, and it was also covered by the Guardian.


Last month, I stood on the picket line outside the Royal Sussex County Hospital, supporting nurses from the Royal College of Nursing as they went on strike again to demand sound, well-funded public services which are essential to us all. Striking isn’t an easy thing to do for thousands of teachers, nurses and public sector workers. But they are happening because Government Ministers – instead of addressing their concerns over long hours & poor pay – are blaming and belittling them, and proposing an anti-strike Bill to ignore them further. You can hear me talking about the strikes on LBC Cross Question.

Standing with Alaa's sister Sanaa outside the Foreign Office

Fossil fuel profits

Fossil fuel companies are climate criminals – polluting our planet, and raking in these obscene profits. Last month Shell reported £32.2bn in annual profits, the highest in its more than 100-year history, and BP recorded £23bn annual profits at the same time as stepping back from its climate pledges. Yet our Government is aiding and abetting their crimes – gifting them fossil fuel handouts worth billions in tax relief. I'm calling on the Government to make fossil fuel companies pay for the damage they’re causing, and end these climate-wrecking subsidies once and for all. You can read more in my Metro column.


On the first anniversary of Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine, I stand in awe of – and solidarity with the brave Ukrainian people, in face of Putin's aggression. As well as putting in place robust and comprehensive sanctions, the Government must wake up to fact that UK politics is still awash with Russian money, influence and interference. That’s why I signed a cross-party letter calling on the Government to seize Russian assets, wherever appropriate, to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine and send the unmistakeable message that Russian dirty money is not welcome here.

Brighton & Hove City Council budget

Ahead of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Budget next week, I’m urging him to provide much more comprehensive grant funding to enable local councils to build desperately needed council and social homes. Brighton and Hove City Council’s budget for the upcoming year was published last month. While councillors have fought hard to ensure local services are protected – from warmer homes, to public toilets, to city playgrounds – the Government has imposed a further £19 million in cuts to local authorities. The Tories are choosing to deliver a callous austerity agenda, rather than investing in our communities.

Drugs policy

It was inspiring to meet with the Cranstoun team, helping adults and young people who misuse drugs. Cranstoun’s support for Overdose Prevention Centres would serve a vital role in allowing people to take their own drugs under the supervision of trained professionals, who can intervene in the event of an overdose. I’m hopeful that the police and organisations like Cranstoun could reach a memorandum of understanding whereby this crucial lifeline could be made available – to help prevent people from taking drugs on the streets, and put them on a path to recovery. Drug policy in this country is outdated and counter-productive – it’s time in particular for our approach to drug misuse to be revisited and harm reduction put centre stage.

Outside the House of Commons with Right to Roam campaigners

World Wildlife Day

Last Friday was World Wildlife Day, so I gave a shoutout to Brighton’s beautiful starlings. Starlings’ spectacular murmurations are at risk of disappearing from our skies – unless we eradicate dangerous pesticides like neonics. Yet just last week, the Government confirmed that these banned neonics would be used on sugar beet again this year. The Tories are taking a wrecking ball to nature, instead of helping farmers adopt nature friendly practices. Our natural world is precious and awe-inspiring – we must protect it!

Million Tree Pledge

I spent a really lovely morning with small businesses in Sussex planting trees, as part of the Million Tree Pledge. It’s such an inspiring example of positive climate action – good for nature, and nourishing for the soul! You can take the pledge here.

Outside the House of Commons with Right to Roam campaigners

Contacting Me

If you are a local resident and need help with case work or to find out more about my activities locally please do contact me at the office of: Caroline Lucas MP, Brighton Media Centre 15-17 Middle Street, Brighton BN1 1AL. Tel: 01273 201 130. Email: [email protected]


I hold regular surgeries across the constituency. If you would like to book an appointment at a forthcoming surgery please call Liz Collis on 01273 201130. She coordinates my constituency office and is able to help with most local enquiries.


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