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Subject Racist, xenophobic drivel
Date March 6, 2023 8:20 PM
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Disturbing update about anti-Asian remarks made by a Republican member of Congress.

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) has doubled down on comments he made about his colleague Rep. Judy Chu, questioning her loyalty to the country and accusing her of supporting the Chinese Communist Party.

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Why did Gooden question Chu’s loyalty to the country in the first place? Because she voted against creating the GOP’s select committee on China.

Lots of Democrats voted against the creation of the committee. Hank voted against it, and he is fiercely loyal to the United States — supporting policies that will enhance our national security, block China’s espionage, and give the United States a competitive edge and strategic advantage over China at every turn.

Both the Republican and Democratic leaders of the select committee Chu voted against (which has since been stood up and has started hearings) have come to Chu’s defense, criticizing Gooden.

Gooden’s remarks were just racist, xenophobic bluster.

It was this type of racist rhetoric that Hank and others were seeking to avoid when they voted against the select committee.

Let’s be clear: Judy Chu has served her district and her country honorably for nearly a decade and a half as a member of Congress. She was born in California. Her dad was a World War II veteran who was also born in California. But people don’t need a family tree with generations of American service like Chu in order to be loyal to our great nation.

Gooden’s racist drivel is endangering millions of Asian Americans who face the consequences of hatred on a daily basis. And we’re going to bring as much scrutiny down on him as possible. Will you make a contribution to help us continue holding Gooden and others like him accountable?

There’s a clear wrong side here, and Gooden is proudly standing on it.

– Worst Behavior Watch

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