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Date March 3, 2023 4:08 PM
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An update on my work for people in Faversham and Mid Kent

** March 2023
At CARO Ltd in Aylesford on a recent trip to some of our fantastic local businesses
Last Friday marked an extraordinary milestone.

It has now been over a year that the Ukrainian people have held out against Putin’s full-scale invasion. A remarkable display of courage and resolve, holding off a far more powerful neighbour determined to take away their freedom.

We should be immensely proud of the support this country has and continues to provide to Ukraine, not least here in Kent where we’ve taken in more Ukrainian refugees that any other county.

At times like these when the world feels like a dangerous place, it’s more important than ever to keep your friends close.

That’s just one of the reasons why this week’s Windsor Agreement is such good news.

Many thought it wouldn’t be possible to find an agreement with the EU that protects Northern Ireland’s place in the UK while honouring the Good Friday Agreement. But through careful negotiation and a determination to make things better Rishi has pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

It’s typical of the leadership he’s showing. Taking issues which matter to the British public, poring over the details, and then finding a solution. He did it with the small boats, he’s done it on Northern Ireland, and he’s doing it on inflation too with recent figures showing things starting to move in the right direction.

I know first-hand that he’s doing it in the NHS too, where in my role as a Health Minister I’ve been working flat out on things like getting healthy patients out of hospital and into more suitable care - helping to bring ambulance waiting times down by over two thirds from December to January.

[link removed]
Things are tough at the moment, but under Rishi’s leadership they’ll keep on getting better.

I’m working really hard to make things better at a local level too.

Last month I hosted a roundtable in Chart Sutton to crack down on rural crime, and agreed some really important next steps with police.

I’ve also been keeping up the fight for improvements to our local road network, and recently teamed up with neighbouring MP Tracey Crouch to press the Roads Minister for Blue Bell Hill funding.

And, after months of lobbying from Kent MPs, the Housing Department has announced a new consultation on National Planning Policy - including plans to scrap mandatory housing targets in places like Kent.

I’m going to be writing to the Housing Secretary to make sure my constituents’ views are heard, and if you’d like to feed in then please do email me at
helen.[email protected] (mailto:[email protected])

You can read more about this and lots more that I’ve been up to below.

And finally, it is a huge honour to represent Faversham and Mid Kent and serve my constituents, and so I’m really proud to have been reselected as the Conservative candidate for the next election.

There’s lots to be getting on with locally, and I’m determined to carry on representing the area to the very best of my ability.

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Hard-won planning consultation goes live

I've fought with other Kent MPs to get national planning policy reviewed - including removing mandatory targets for places like Kent.

Read more here ([link removed])

** Minister signs up to swing bridge action

Good news for Faversham's swing bridge after the Maritime Minister agrees to help get things moving.

Read about our meeting here ([link removed])

** Cracking down on rural crime

I brought farmers together with police in Chart Sutton to talk about the impact of crime locally.

Find out what steps we agreed ([link removed])

** Return of the Maidstone Apprenticeship Fair!

Our Maidstone Apprenticeship Fair and back and bigger than ever at the Maidstone Leisure Centre on the 10th March. It's free to come along and talk to over 70 employers!

Find out more here ([link removed])

** My newsletter for local businesses

My latest update for businesses went live in January and is packed full of useful info on grants and events.

Read or sign up here ([link removed])

[link removed][0]=AZWm-jE14nEf4LCBjCGYBikQzZ9dSs2TPhr0dwuE3E-UNKgaSJfAfb98knbI7UTVxzVSwPgWrzfyYZ5ZawEguU0bGSML2JIkEyR600lTLYU5pFAISv3d45MtzjtSGSaIDu2yuE7VN3OOlxUcxDouci2P6P-TZQ4EtStKB2GJIdMuVbIAyuzk9DPBJ3XKJ41RELQ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

** Good news from Faversham's GPs

I've been supporting the town's GPs as they work to boost their services - and got some good news when I visited them recently.

Find out more ([link removed][0]=AZUtn207Li6Lo4qedtzAxMljBtU2uzOLsibxN9-i3O_IkofYiIvjyTxFHxOTEb-TnCILugJR4hPaT_ubLK7YGoSM6zHj7g9S8rkqt47AUKiHFXnoS_p7AerFM_a4nS7XP3pposdPcGYx-vbRWmbJ-OWIvMYCKohsW5UkbwwvgnhxaWG1AQdMuA0lHOegaCosOxc&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R)

** Fighting for Blue Bell Hill junction upgrade

I met the Roads Minister with neighbouring MP Tracey Crouch to press our case for funding.

Find out ([link removed][0]=AZUtn207Li6Lo4qedtzAxMljBtU2uzOLsibxN9-i3O_IkofYiIvjyTxFHxOTEb-TnCILugJR4hPaT_ubLK7YGoSM6zHj7g9S8rkqt47AUKiHFXnoS_p7AerFM_a4nS7XP3pposdPcGYx-vbRWmbJ-OWIvMYCKohsW5UkbwwvgnhxaWG1AQdMuA0lHOegaCosOxc&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R) about my recent roundtable ([link removed])

** Park home support scheme goes live

Off grid residents like park home owners can now access energy support after I fought for a scheme.

Find out more here ([link removed])

** Pressing Southeastern for Bearsted solution

I've been calling on Southeastern to make train timetables work better for commuters in Bearsted.

And I'm now taking it to the Minister ([link removed][0]=AZWPFLfvvrOR0AjXMJdAeJcx-_uRbd4D8OUxMqHsbmzBzj0dRhkqdLFNsjHJoRwfyG3wj18173GadNAjZzMpV0NPHUUePRBX1Myj0jIbVvMQZhGjQwTKRiAtDM_iSGl5DSQ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R)

** Could care be the right career for you?

As Minister of State for Care I see how brilliant it can be working in the care sector - and they're hiring!

Info on how to find jobs ([link removed])

[link removed]
If there's anything else I can help you with please email me at [email protected]
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