From Brian Schatz <[email protected]>
Subject RE: our agenda
Date February 28, 2023 11:02 PM
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͏‌Brian Schatz - for Hawaii [[link removed]]
Record low unemployment. Over 12 million new jobs over the past two years. Over 100,000 new green jobs. Rising wages. Insulin capped at $34 a month for people on Medicare.
These are things that make a real difference in people’s lives, and they’re all things Democrats have helped deliver in Congress.
Now, compare that to what Republicans are doing:
Not a single Republican voted for the bill that lowered prescription drug costs and invested in clean energy. They’re threatening to crash the economy if they don’t get their way on their agenda. They made a big show of saying that agenda doesn’t include cuts to Social Security and Medicare, but just last year, Senate Republicans said sunsetting those programs was part of their plan, and three-quarters of House Republicans endorsed cuts to Social Security.
Democrats are going to keep working to create jobs, lower costs, and strengthen wages. We’re not going to cut Social Security. Or Medicare. Or Medicaid. Or veterans benefits. Or school lunch programs.
That’s it -- that’s our agenda and our message. And it’s a good one.
We just need to get it in front of more people, and your contributions help us do that. Will you make a contribution before tonight’s end-of-month deadline? Every dollar really does help. [[link removed]]
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