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Dear John,

I am very proud to represent the 12th District and the great Texans that live and work in our community.   I am constantly impressed with our local community’s creativity in ensuring that everyone in TX-12 has the opportunity to better their lives and the lives of their families. 

I recently had a meeting that showcased our community’s tradition of philanthropy, and I wanted to spotlight a program that serves as a shining example of what makes North Texas a great place to live and raise a family. 

Tarrant County College Chancellor Dr. Elva LeBlanc and I had the opportunity to discuss a new program called Tarrant To & Through or as it is commonly referred, T3. 

This remarkable program was created with the intent to streamline efforts and engage high school students and their families early in the college application process.  The partnership between T3 mentors and students allows for more preparation time with additional guidance to navigate the complicated process of planning for the future. 

The T3 program has four important pillars: Parent and Family Engagement, Postsecondary Pathways, College and Career Success, and Mentoring and Workforce Development.  Using these four pillars, students create a personalized “success plan” to help them pinpoint their passions and develop their ultimate goals. 

To provide students with additional support, public and private entities work with T3 to provide mentors and sponsors.  In addition, many participating colleges have committed to opening the doors at their institutions for T3 students.

Due to ever-rising costs, higher education has become a significant sacrifice for many Americans.  Fortunately, T3 has partnered with private companies to offer financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

In Congress, I have continuously supported legislation to increase access to higher education, such as the Higher Education Opportunity Act, which helps lower tuition costs for students through programs such as the Pell Grant.  While I continue to support our students on the federal level, it is exciting to see opportunities arise on a local level, like the T3 program.  

In order to give America a needed competitive edge, we must invest in the development of our youth today, and we must remove barriers to getting an education – whether on-the-job, vocational, or higher education. It is crucial that our students and future leaders are able to compete on the world stage. 

Tarrant To & Through “prepares today’s youths for tomorrow’s careers” and is currently available across all Fort Worth ISD high schools – with plans to soon serve every school district in Tarrant County.  

We are fortunate to have this groundbreaking program available in Texas, and I am certain it will be a great model for communities around the country as news of its success spreads. 

America’s children certainly deserve the investment in their future. 

Kay Granger
Member of Congress

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