One month ago today, we launched our campaign for Governor of North Carolina. Today, I am asking for your support for the months that lie ahead.
Josh Stein | Governor

One month ago today we launched this campaign, and I am deeply humbled by and grateful for the support we have received from supporters like you. Today, I am personally asking you to chip in for the first time as we fight for a brighter future for North Carolina.

Folks, we are officially one month into our campaign for governor of North Carolina.

It’s been an honor to be in this fight with you. I’ve enjoyed every minute of campaigning — because it gives me a chance to hear directly from North Carolinians about their hopes, challenges, and ideas about the future.

And I look forward to meeting even more of you out on the road in the months to come.

But now that we are in the full swing of things, I have to take a good, hard look at our financial situation. In the coming weeks and months, we have staff to hire, yard signs to print, and voters to contact.

Nearly everything we need to do to stay on the path toward victory requires financial resources. That’s why I have to ask for your help today. Can I count on your support before midnight?

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Let’s end this first month strong!

Thank you,


Josh Stein

Josh Stein has been fighting for North Carolinians for over 20 years. He’s running for Governor to ensure that the people of North Carolina remain our state’s top priority. Josh believes that North Carolina’s progress must be rooted in our shared values of freedom, fairness, and opportunity for everyone. That means fighting extremism at all levels of government and holding bad actors accountable.

Josh spent the last six years as Attorney General delivering for the people of North Carolina. He will continue his work, but he can only get there with your help. Republicans are already coalescing behind an extreme candidate and we can’t let our state fall into the wrong hands. Donate now to elect Josh Stein as the next Governor of North Carolina!


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