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Subject Less than THREE WEEKS!
Date February 1, 2023 5:00 PM
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A Cold Friday is coming                                                                                    

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Why we are 350: Scientists overwhelmingly agree that 350ppm CO2 is the upper limit to sustain life as humans have known it. For 800,000+ years atmospheric CO2 varied between roughly 180 to 280ppm ([link removed]) . Looking at the graphic in the link you can see that it took about 100,000 years for each cycle. Now we're in the 420ppm range and the cycle is no longer cycling! - Latest Values ([link removed])
* Tuesday Feb. 21: Wisconsin Primary Election, How will you vote?
* Tuesday Feb. 14, 7pm: 350MKE Meeting: COP27
* Friday Feb. 3, 12pm: NO PROTEST - too cold
* A second chance to take two actions in two minutes - really!
* Monday Feb. 6, 7pm 350WI: Early Successes of 350 Wisconsin Action ([link removed])

350MKE People Make a Difference - We Act!

Help spread the word, forward this email to a Friend ([link removed])
Wisconsin State Primary
This is the critical beginning!
Tuesday, February 21 (less than 3 weeks)

Find your Polling Location, and a lot more, at [link removed]
We are focusing on two important contests in the 2023 election:
* Wisconsin State Supreme Court
+ The primary will determine if only conservatives are on the April Ballot
* Wisconsin Senate District 8 - First Democrat enters Senate special election ([link removed])

Wisconsin Senate District 8 could give Republicans a senate supermajority

Staving off a supermajority: Democrats reflect on the challenge and look to a future of compromise ([link removed]) - Interview with Assembly Minority Leader Greta Neubauer (who discussed climate change with 350MKE last February - watch it here ([link removed]) )

Wisconsin State Supreme Court coverage

From the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel:
Wisconsin's Supreme Court race is on pace to be the most expensive in state history ([link removed]) — and potentially nationwide.

The stakes of the race are high for the interests of both Republicans and Democrats, writes reporter Molly Beck.

Conservatives currently hold a 4-3 majority in the state Supreme Court.

Republicans worry that if a liberal candidate wins the election, the court could repeal Act 10, quash school-choice voucher programs or adopt new legislative maps that give Democrats the advantage.

And Democrats are especially concerned about abortion access following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which put a state law from 1849 banning the procedure in place.

Four candidates ([link removed]) will meet in a Feb. 21 primary election. The two who receive the most votes will advance to the April 4 general election.

350 Milwaukee Meeting
Tuesday, February 14, 7 - 8:30pm
Your Zoom Meeting Link ([link removed])

In Depth at COP27: Issues, Activists and Ideas
Steve Watrous
Report from Steve Watrous who attended the United Nations annual climate change Conference of the Parties this year in Egypt. Hear about the U.S. official delegation, the final declaration, what grass roots activists and others did at the conference, and what to do next.

Steve will speak on "Everything you need to know about COP27: the big issues and contradictions, and the delicious details like a new potato chips bag made from carbon stone!" The talk will be followed by Q&A.

Steve Watrous is president of the Milwaukee UNA chapter, former sociology professor at MATC, advocate on mining issues, coordinator for a couple Milwaukee Earth Day celebrations, peace monger, and environmentalist starting in the Boy Scouts

Time: Tuesday, February 14, 7 - 8:30pm

Join Zoom Meeting ([link removed])
Meeting ID: 818 7303 5880
Passcode: 809467

Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Find your local number: [link removed] ([link removed])

Update on in-person meetings: The Steering Committee meeting is sorting out the technical details with a goal of starting hybrid meetings in the spring.
350MKE Fridays for Future
Fridays from 12:00 - 1:00 pm
​Chase & Wells Fargo Banks

We're alternating among three Chase Bank locations in different areas of Milwaukee
Chase Bank Calendar:
* Friday February 3 - No protest - cold
* ​Friday February 10 - 27h St. & Loomis Rd. ([link removed]) ​
* Friday February 17 - Silver Spring Dr. & Lydell Ave. ([link removed])
* Friday February 24 - Wisconsin Ave. & Water St. ([link removed])

We have signs, or bring your own!
Masks and Physical Distancing as appropriate
No protest when below 20F, Winter Advisory, or wet snow/rain (signs are paper)
From 350,
Fax the Fed: Act on the climate crisis NOW!
The Federal Reserve Chair, Chairman Powell, announced that the Federal Reserve System will “stick to its knitting” and not be a “climate policymaker.” Yet the Board of the US Federal Reserve System — the referee of the US economy — is supposed to protect the U.S. economy from financial risk, including climate change.

The Fed has asked for public input on their recommendations for protecting our economy from the climate crisis, and we need to make sure they hear our demands loud and clear.

We want to thank everyone who has already emailed the Fed with their comments on this! We’re now calling on you to flood them with faxes to demand that they take immediate steps to promote investment in the transition to a clean, just, renewable economy.

That’s where faxes (and you) come in.
Faxes are even more disruptive and more difficult to avoid than emails. By flooding the Fed with faxes, they’ll see just how loud and powerful our movement against fossil fuels is.

You don’t even need a fax machine. Our easy, one-click tool is all you need to fax the Fed. Take action now → ([link removed])

From 350,

Sign the Offshore Drilling Petition
Right now, the Biden Administration is finalizing its five-year offshore drilling plan. This plan determines how often the government will sell new rights to drill in federal waters to oil and gas companies.

The latest draft shows that the Administration is undecided. The plan could allow anywhere from zero to 11 lease sales and it’s our job to ensure the final number is zero.^1 This plan could be unveiled any day, so our window to act is now.

If enough of us speak out against offshore drilling today, we can build the pressure we need to make sure President Biden keeps fossil fuels in the ground.

Will you add your name to our petition demanding President Biden ban offshore drilling? We need to show there is overwhelming public support for this, so we’re aiming to get 5,000 new signatures today. ([link removed])

1 - E&E News ([link removed])

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