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Subject Represent Our Routes in the City of Pittsburgh
Date February 1, 2023 1:29 PM
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image description: right side of graphic has an image of a red bus, and riders holding a sign that reads, "Ready to Ride!". Left side of the graphic has text that reads "Representing Our Routes: A press conference and report release on the state of transit in Pittsburgh and how the City can improve it."
Jack - The City of Pittsburgh's public transit can be dramatically improved. PPT's new report lays out a roadmap for how City Council can help build better public transit for their constituents.
Public transportation is a lifeline for tens of thousands of City of Pittsburgh residents. City Council representatives along with Mayor Gainey’s administration have an important but often overlooked role to play in ensuring accessible, quality public transit across all City neighborhoods.
On Wednesday, February 8th at 1 pm, join Pittsburghers for Public Transit (PPT) for a press conference to release our new report, “Representing Our Routes: The State of Public Transit and What the City of Pittsburgh Can Do to Improve It.” Representing our Routes will provide an in-depth view of what transit looks like for constituents in each of Pittsburgh’s different City Council Districts using data and will highlight personal stories from riders. The report will also identify ways in which City Councilmembers can support high quality, reliable transit in their districts, and can enact policies laid out in the Pittsburgh 100 Day Transit Platform [[link removed]] , now adopted into Mayor Gainey’s Transition Plan.
Press Conference and Report Release: “Representing Our Routes: The State of Public Transit and How the City of Pittsburgh Can Improve It”
Wednesday, February 8th, 1:00pm - 2:00 pm
City County Building
5th floor outside Council Chambers
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image description: image description: photo of a group of riders getting off a bus downtown. The person in the center of the photo is wearing a purple t-shirt and a backpack and they are pulling down their mask.
New from PPT's blog: "What happened to our timepoints? New schedules make it harder to ride"
Reducing Timepoints on Route Schedules Does Not Increase Schedule Reliability. Instead, it Lowers PRT Scheduling Accountability and Leaves Riders Out in the Cold for Longer.
PRT has just announced February’s service changes, which we hoped would be revised to accurately reflect the run times to make the service better for riders and transit workers both. Instead, on 9 of the 16 service trip time adjustments proposed, PRT is going to reduce timepoints on the schedule.
These changes serve mainly to reduce accountability for PRT, by lowering the visibility of their erratic or poor on-time performance and will create a larger window of time and greater uncertainty for riders for when buses will arrive at the stops between timepoints. It shifts responsibility for timeliness and issues with missing the bus from PRT to the riders.
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Pittsburghers for Public Transit is a grassroots union of transit riders and transit workers. We are fighting for a more expanded, affordable, and equitable transit system as a human right.
You can help us win campaigns for better transit by becoming a member today.
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