Congressman Hank Johnson

John, what does the word “woke” mean to you?
To hear Republicans use the word, it sounds like they're talking about some disease or an enemy on a battlefield. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis likes to say, “Florida is where woke goes to die.”
But to me, woke means redemption, forgiveness, diversity, and fairness. To me, woke is about decency and understanding. Personally, I want to be more woke. If you want to be more woke too, press the button below.
If we switch out the word “woke” or “wokeness” with a synonym like “decency” here’s what Republicans are really saying.
Florida is where decency goes to die.
– Ron DeSantis
Decency is forcing its way into our armed forces. This is dangerous.
– Mike Pompeo
Decency is a problem.
– Lauren Boebert
Decency is either defeated or nothing else matters.
– Elon Musk
I hope this makes things clear, John. Republicans have taken the concept of fairness and flipped it back on itself as if it were a bad thing.
We have to reclaim the concept of wokeness from the far-right politicians who are distorting it. So I’m asking you, will you rally with me around wokeness and defend decency in our American society?
Thank you, John.
– Hank Johnson (he/him)


Congressman Hank Johnson is a former defense attorney, DeKalb County commissioner, small business owner, and magistrate judge who now serves in Congress as a champion for the middle class.

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