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Americans Want Action
For the sake of our sovereignty, Congress must pass real solutions like the Border Safety and Security Act.

People are dying. Our security is diminishing.

It’s time for action, not more band-aids.

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Committee Assignments for the 118th Congress
It’s an honor to once again serve on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee!

Please take a moment to read my full statement below.

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Defending Our Second Amendment Rights
I refuse to stand idly by while Biden’s ATF turns millions of law-abiding Americans into criminals.

I’ll defend our Second Amendment rights to the end!

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Stop the Lunacy
It doesn’t matter how stupid or dangerous the idea is; the Left will never stop trying to force their green new deal agenda on us.

We must say NO to this lunacy.

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Children Under 14 Dying from Fentanyl Poisoning at Faster Rate Than Other Age Groups
Joe Biden’s open-border policies are responsible for this horrific statistic.

Our children aren’t safe under his failed leadership.

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 Americans Are Sick of the Double Standard
 Trump had his house raided by the FBI.

Biden’s gotten off scot-free.

This is the double standard Americans are sick of.

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Supporting the Vaccine Mandate Reenlistment Act
I'm proud to support Congressman Brian Mast’s (FL-21) new bill, which creates a path for service members discharged for refusing a Covid vaccine to rejoin the military at the same rank and pay.

Biden’s military vaccine mandate was wrong, and I’ll continue fighting for those impacted!

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 Standing for a Freedom-Loving American
 Placing a bounty on this freedom-loving American is reprehensible.
Turkey joined NATO to combat totalitarian regimes – but that’s exactly what they’ve become under President Erdogan.

Biden must immediately impose sanctions and protect Enes Kanter Freedom!

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 Fighting for the Unborn
 More than 75% of voters believe babies born alive after a botched abortion deserve protection.

Passing this bill is a vital step in defending the most innocent among us – our unborn.
Attending the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission's Annual Banquet
 Thanks to all involved in the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission’s annual banquet on Thursday night. What a great success!

It was a privilege to recognize Director Bob Dickinson for his 45 years of dedicated service to the Commission and the citizens of the surrounding region.

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Biden Knew the Consequences
Killing the Keystone XL pipeline cost between 16,149 and 59,000 jobs and between $3.4 and $9.6 billion.

Biden knew this foolish decision would hurt families and our energy security – he did it anyway.

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Americans Lean More on Credit Cards as Expenses Stay High
Rising costs are forcing Americans into greater debt just to make ends meet.

The GOP’s working to ease that burden by correcting the Democrats’ mismanagement of our economy to get prices back down.

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Mayorkas Must Go 
Mayorkas refuses to put our safety over a radical agenda.

As a result – Americans are dying, and our national security is at risk.

He must be impeached.

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Promise Made, Promise Kept
We promised to defund Biden’s IRS army, and we meant it.
REMINDER: Look at Your Passport!
 If you’re planning to travel out of the country, ensure your passport is valid!

With international travel restrictions continuing to be lifted, processing times for passport renewals/new passports are still increasing.

Plan ahead, so that you can enjoy your trip!

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GAS Act (H.R. 337)
This bill blocks the administration from banning gas-burning stoves.

Defund Planned Parenthood Act (H.R. 371)
This bill prohibits tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood.
Let Us Help You
We are ready to assist you! We know how to cut through bureaucratic red tape and can get you answers. Please feel free to call or stop by one of our offices.

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Let us work on your behalf!

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