I’m outraged at the House GOP’s attacks on Medicare and Social Security.

Their radical plan to hold our economy hostage by refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless we slash the social safety net is dangerous, and we need to fight back.

Add your name if you agree we must protect Social Security and Medicare!

There is no place in Congress for a pathological liar who has disgraced what it means to run and serve as a public official.

If these cuts happen, it will force widespread hardship on families and communities that have already suffered at the hands of inflation and a global pandemic.

We cannot allow the GOP agenda to throw people further into financial ruin without a safety net.

I’m raising my voice against this dangerous threat to two of our country’s key benefit programs, and I hope you’ll stand with me. Add your name here!


Castro for Congress
P.O. Box 544
San Antonio, TX, 78292
United States

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