From Josh Stein <[email protected]>
Subject I'm humbled to announce my campaign for Governor of North Carolina
Date January 18, 2023 5:46 PM
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[1]John Fetterman

Hi there, John,

I'm Josh Stein, and I just announced my campaign for Governor of North

Our country is at a crossroads — and here in North Carolina, our future
will be decided by the slimmest of margins in the next election. The
stakes could not be higher.

Will women have access to the health care they need, when they need it? Or
will extremist politicians make those decisions for them?

Will every eligible voter have an equal right to vote? Or will Republicans
roll back voting rights and continue to gerrymander legislative districts
to discriminate against certain voters? Will people have the power in our
democracy — or politicians?

Will we prioritize educating our kids and supporting our educators? Or
will Republicans continue to undermine public education and pass tax
giveaways to big corporations and their out-of-state shareholders?

Will we ensure everyone can get access to quality health care? Or will
Republicans in North Carolina's legislature continue to refuse to expand

Will our government work for all of us — or just the privileged and

[ [link removed] ]I'm humbled to announce my campaign for Governor to build a better and
brighter North Carolina. I'd be deeply grateful if you joined me. Please,
split a contribution between John Fetterman and my campaign today.

[ [link removed] ]Donate Now

My good friend John asked me to reach out to you directly because he knows
the path forward won't be easy.

North Carolina is one of the most politically competitive states in the
country — and national Republicans will flood my state with millions of
dollars in an attempt to stop us. They know that the outcome in North
Carolina can have a major impact on who wins the next presidential

John, I am up
for the challenge. I've run statewide in North Carolina when Donald Trump
prevailed twice — and won both times. I've taken on big pharma as Attorney
General — and won. I've gone up against corporate polluters — and won. And
I've taken e-cigarette manufacturer Juul to court for sparking a teen
vaping epidemic — and won.

[ [link removed] ]Today, I'm asking you personally to join us in this fight and help us
win. Please, split a contribution between my campaign and John Fetterman.

Let's get it done,

Josh Stein
North Carolina Attorney General and Democratic candidate for Governor


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