From Morgan McGarvey <[email protected]>
Subject Republicans don’t have a plan
Date January 7, 2023 12:17 AM
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Team, the fighting going on between Republican members of the House to decide on a Speaker is ridiculous. In fact, the GOP has completely paralyzed the House from doing the work of the American people.

Republicans’ biggest victory of the 2022 election was to barely take back the House from Democratic control. And with their newfound power, they can’t even get done with the very first order of business – much less serve the country.

That’s just bad, chaotic governing, and it shows very clearly how important it is for Democrats to take back the House back in 2024.

To do that, we have to hold every Democratic seat and flip five more. My team and I are counting on 170 of our supporters to chip in $15 or more before midnight tonight. We have to stand united in the face of the GOP-led chaos going on in the House. Will you chip in $15 right now? [[link removed]]

Chip in $15 → [[link removed]]

You know, I really did expect to be sworn in and hard at work for Kentuckians by now – and the wait has been downright frustrating. (Not to mention, my wife Chris and I brought just one really nice outfit for each of our kids to wear to the ceremony in the House chambers, and we’ve had to keep them stain-free all week!)

In all seriousness, the GOP dysfunction is scary. If this is any indication of what’s to come in the next two years, we should expect nothing but gridlock from the House. The work of an entire branch of government has been ground to a halt, and any Speaker who is elected will have traded for votes by giving away power to the most extreme and dangerous faction of the Republican Party.

It’s downright pathetic.

I ran for office on the promise that I’d enact progressive change: fighting to slow the effects of climate change, restoring reproductive rights nationwide, legalizing recreational marijuana, and protecting LGBTQ+ rights. And as I prepare to (eventually) take the oath of office, I’ve never been more determined to deliver on all of these promises.

But you can bet that this Republican majority is going to stand firmly against our mission to deliver for Kentuckians. I’m done with the Republican bickering that’s gone on for the past few days – it’s time to get to work.

Can you chip in however much you can afford before midnight tonight? I need 170 of my supporters – a small fraction of folks who will read this email – to step up and help my campaign fight back against the GOP’s chokehold they have on the House. [[link removed]]

Chip in $25 → [[link removed]] Chip in $50 → [[link removed]]
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Chip in $250 → [[link removed]] Other Amount → [[link removed]]

All of my thanks,

Morgan McGarvey
(Soon to be) Congressman from KY-03
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