From Amy McGrath <[email protected]>
Subject Where do we go from here
Date January 6, 2023 7:31 PM
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Team —

The shock of January 6, 2021, which saw our Capitol invaded for the first time since the War of 1812, is still with me and I’m sure many of you. I remember the feeling of horror, being glued to the news, wondering how we could possibly recover from this.

While it's important not to forget the violence, the fear of seeing lawmakers running, the shame of Confederate flags in the rotunda, and of insurrectionists using American flags to beat Capitol Hill police officers, we can’t also forget to move forward.

After two years we are seeing some accountability for those who violently invaded our Capitol that day. The January 6 Committee revealed with irrefutable evidence something I never thought possible in our country—a systematic attack to overthrow American democracy led by a former president.

We now know the full extent of our former president’s treasonous acts.

Not only did he do nothing to stop the coup attempt, he pushed for it, all while knowing it was unfounded and illegal. Our democracy, our national security, and our country were nothing to him when it mattered most. In addition, there were many people who surrounded the president and were in positions of power who aided and abetted these traitorous acts, and even more who were shamefully silent.

The question in everyone’s mind now is … will the leaders of this coup be held accountable? Will the former president, who has been proven the most corrupt in American history, be held accountable? Much of the answer to that question is in the hands of our Department of Justice.

Our job, as citizens, is to make sure that Trump never again gains a position of political power, responsibility, and public trust.

We must not forget January 6, and we must never allow a coup attempt to happen on our watch ever again. In 2022, we did that by supporting the work of the January 6 Committee to reveal the truth, by pushing for reforms like the Electoral Count Act (passed by Democratic majorities in the House and Senate), and by successfully pushing back against election-denier candidates in the 2022 midterms.

So what do those of us who are patriots, who know that our democracy is still at risk do now in 2023?

We still have over 150 election deniers in the House and Senate. We may never be able to defeat them all electorally, but we must render them politically impotent. We do that by winning elections. We do that by working continuously to recruit candidates who are servant-leaders, and to build the field systems we will need for a strong run in 2024. Consistent electoral defeat is the only way to beat Trumpism and protect our democracy. It does not happen overnight.

We know the threat is there. Stay engaged in elections every year, big and small, and at all levels of government.

We did great work in 2022. We need your help to fight against this threat in 2023 until it’s totally destroyed.

I’ll be here fighting alongside you.



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