From Nicole, Accountable Tech <[email protected]>
Subject In 2 days, Trump might be back
Date January 5, 2023 3:08 PM
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Hey there --

Nearly two years ago, Trump used Facebook to incite a violent attack on our nation’s Capitol, and since then, his behavior has only become more incendiary and dangerous. According to our research [[link removed]] , 350+ of his posts on his own social media platform, Truth Social, from May - October of last year violated Facebook’s safety guidelines – the equivalent of two a day.

Now Meta faces a choice: Reinstate Trump and hand him a major megaphone to blast his false, hateful and violent messages to a more mainstream audience, or stand by its own standards and keep him off the platform.

We’re up with our new national television ad. Watch and share our ad urging Meta to keep Donald Trump off Facebook:

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Friend, over the years we’ve witnessed the dangers of Trump’s presence on social media. After his actions on January 6, 2021, he was removed from virtually every major platform – for good reason, as he still remains a threat to public safety and democracy. Allowing him back on Facebook would only embolden him – giving him a bigger audience and amplifying the worst of his posts.

We wish we didn’t have to start the new year by reminding Facebook of its fundamental duty to protect its users and our democracy, but it’s crucial work and so we’re doing everything we can to ensure Trump stays off Facebook.

Thanks for being with us,

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Nicole Gill
Co-founder and Executive Director
Accountable Tech

We see the irony of asking you to take action on the same platforms we’re fighting to hold accountable, but they are… well… dominant. We have to reach people where they are in order to level the playing field -- and we’re ready to bring the fight right to their own platforms.

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Democracy depends on common truths. Social media giants are eroding our consensus reality and pushing democracy to the brink. Accountable Tech is fighting back by urging social media companies to serve the public good by strengthening the integrity of their platforms and our democracy. Make a donation to fund our work → [[link removed]]
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