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Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to recognize and support the people and organizations working on causes that inspire you. Today, we ask that you stand for transparency and accountability in government by supporting OpenSecrets’ critical work.
Through this election, we have brought you nonstop coverage of money in politics, and we continue to lead the way producing and sharing nonpartisan, factual data and analysis to expose money’s influence on politics and public policy.
But what powers our mission is your generosity. Your support helps build awareness on money’s influence in politics, and allows us to offer voters more tools to become engaged citizens.
You also sustain our nonprofit model, allowing us to stay focused on political money; free from conflicts of interest and without subscriptions or paywalls.
Your support this year will go towards funding important project areas in 2023, such as: 
• The most comprehensive money in politics database available to the public. Your donation will first and foremost go to the expansion and preservation of data records and web tools, so that we may keep our services free for all.

• Complete rework of the OpenSecrets Issues Center. Our researchers are building pathways and creating new datasets to more rapidly respond to inquiries on spending around hot-button “wedge” issues, such as our recent work analyzing the funders of gun rights vs. gun safety groups.

• Expansion of our lobbying database to include all state-level lobbyists. Our work has already revealed how national organizations fund intricate networks of local lobbyists to push similar bills in multiple state legislatures. (If you want to know why getting this data is tough, learn more with our recent Lobbying Disclosure Scorecard).
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Have you searched our database to learn about campaign finance, or followed our reporting on the influence of money during the midterm? If the answer is “Yes”, please consider OpenSecrets for your Giving Tuesday donation. 

You’ve already seen it in the news the 2024 elections are upon us. Now is the time to invest in OpenSecrets research tools, so that we can be ready to analyze and report on 2024 money trends more rapidly and in greater detail.

And, with each election cycle becoming more flush with cash, now is the time to support independent watchdogs like OpenSecrets who keep an eye on money’s potential to influence politics, and who help citizens separate fact from fiction.

Your continued support allows this important work to continue. Make the most of your gift, with your donation doubled through the end of the month. Help us reach our Giving Tuesday goal!
With gratitude,

Sheila Krumholz
Executive Director

P.S. Your gift will unlock additional funds for our organization through our partner at INN’s NewsMatch. Give today and your gift will be doubled!
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