Team Geels,
If you or you know who placed the Geels sign on 85 South, about 1 1/2 miles north of the 170 exit, please remove it. There are also multiple Ted Budd signs as well. Also, there are two large 4x8 signs unaccounted for. If you see them or they are on your property, please let me know.

The following was passed on to me by one of our volunteers. Please read and take action.

URGENT Election Integrity Call To Action!!

If you voted on election day, please check here to see if it is showing up here. 

I have checked several people who voted on election day and the record is not available. I am told that although early voting votes are showing up as required, election day votes are not required to be reported before the canvass meetings where the elections are certified. 

County boards of elections will hold their canvass meeting at 11 a.m. Friday, November 18. The State Board will meet on Tuesday, November 29, to certify the election.

It is outrageous for us not to be able to see our votes 6 days after the election and before the election is certified. 

Please draft your complaint and send it to the contacts below.  Pass this email on if you can.  

Karen Brinsen Bell, Executive Director, NC State Board of Elections   
Patrick Gannon, Public Information Director, NC State Board of Elections  [email protected]

Your County BOE Director 
Your NC legislators-  
Legislator lookup for NC House and NC Senate

Please forward your email replies from NCSBE to :

Carol Snow

Fighting for Truth, Justice and Unity Together!
Laurie Teper
Volunteer Director
Courtney Geels for Congress NC04
Email: [email protected]
Cell: (847)212-5651