From Ed Markey <[email protected]>
Subject My thoughts on Tuesday's results, and an ask for $5 to help Raphael Warnock in Georgia
Date November 12, 2022 9:23 PM
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Friends -

In just a moment, I'm going to share with you my thoughts about Tuesday's elections, and then ask you to split a $5 contribution to help Rev. Raphael Warnock win his runoff election in Georgia — a race which could very well decide control of the Senate.

I hope you'll take a couple minutes to read this email, but if you're ready to make that contribution now, please use this link to split $5 or anything you can between Rev. Warnock's campaign in Georgia and our campaign's efforts building the progressive movement nationwide. [[link removed]]

SPLIT A CONTRIBUTION [[link removed]]

First and foremost, let me say that we should all be very proud of Tuesday's results.

Despite the media and the pundits and the right-wing super PACs' best efforts, there was no "red wave", and we saw important victories like John Fetterman's campaign in Pennsylvania, Maggie Hassan's in New Hampshire, Becca Balint's in Vermont, Maxwell Frost's in Florida, and Maura Healey's here in Massachusetts.

While we're still awaiting final calls in some very important races, together, all across the nation, we showed that the American people agree that now is not the time for right-wing extremism or for despair.

We showed that Republican attempts to dismantle our democracy, to take away our freedoms and Constitutional rights, to make life harder for working families while giving billionaires and large corporations massive tax cuts, to question the legitimacy of our elections, to ignore the realities of the climate crisis, and to veer us down the road of authoritarianism are a losing strategy.

All across the country, we saw record-breaking voter turnout — especially from young people — which played a decisive role in some close and critical races.

It is all a testament to the years of hard work and perseverance that the progressive movement has put in and shown on the ground, knocking doors, making calls, on picket lines, on school campuses, on social media, and everywhere else that made this all possible.

But despite all this, things are still close.

We do not yet know who has won the critical Senate seat in Nevada, and we do not know which party will be in control of either the House or the Senate.

Here's one thing we do know: Once again, it could all come down to Georgia, where my friend Raphael Warnock is headed to a runoff against Herschel Walker. And so we still have some critically important work to do in the days and weeks ahead.

The simple truth is that after Tuesday night's results, Republicans and their dirty-money super PACs are going to do and spend whatever it takes to win in Georgia, and we cannot let that happen.

This is going to be a close and expensive fight, and the entire nation will be watching. If we lose, we could very well be handing the Senate back to Mitch McConnell — so I have to ask:

Can you please split a $5 contribution between Rev. Warnock's runoff campaign in Georgia and our campaign's efforts mobilizing and organizing the progressive movement nationwide? This is important. [[link removed]]

SPLIT A CONTRIBUTION [[link removed]]

Thank you in advance for making a contribution. It means a lot to me — and Senator Warnock — that we can count on people like you at times like this.

In solidarity,

Ed Markey

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