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OK, but seriously, hello john! 

As you've noticed by now, midterm media coverage is full of the same blah blah prognosticatin’ - so this episode your Feminist Buzzkills are here to answer the question most people are asking: What do these results mean for abortion access!?” 

We break down all the good, the bad, and the WTF from the results we know so far, and let you know how it affects your repro rights. 

Spoiler alert: WE SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED! ABORTION WON IN MANY WAYS despite the media continually telling is it’s not a priority for folks. 

Before we taped the pod Lizz was so fed up with the coverage, she rolled out of bed Wednesday morning, popped on Insta and in a one-minute video schooled the politicians and pundits who CONTINUE to throw abortion under the bus. I mean, the hair alone makes it worth the watch!



So Much To Cover, So Little Time! 

FIVE states had abortion on the ballot, and FIVE states voted to protect access. We explain why this is THE STARTING LINE, not the finish. 

Plus we weed through the cluster fox of all the races – federal and statewide – and bring you the bright spots and next pitfalls in our fight for our basic GD freedoms!  

Our amazing guests this week also have a few thoughts as they help us both celebrate and sift through the muck.


Dr. Diane Horvath brings the abortion provider’s perspective to the table, being one of the only providers in the nation doing all trimester abortion care at Partners in Abortion Care, a new clinic in College Park, Maryland. Dr. Horvath talks abortion stigma and the lengths the anti abortion movement goes to intimidate her. SPOILER: She is having NONE of it!

PLUS a comedian, writer and producer who tackles abortion, gender-based violence and injustice in all of her amazing work. From AMC’s “Indefensible” and her new Peacock special “Ladykiller,” the hilarious Jena Friedman pops off with us!


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