From Councilmember Trayon White, Sr. <[email protected]>
Subject DC Has Spoken, The Election Results Are In.
Date November 9, 2022 3:24 PM
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Dear Ward 8 Residents,

The election results are in, and DC has spoken. I congratulate all the winners and those who fell short but ran a great race. It is a challenging journey running a political campaign. I commend everyone that stepped into the race to make this city better. Your efforts and sacrifice do not go unnoticed.

Additionally, DC voters passed Initiative 82, a measure to phase out the tipped minimum wage by 2027. Beginning next year, once the initiative kicks in, the tipped minimum wage of $5.35 must increase gradually every year until it is equal to the full minimum wage.

By 2027, employers can no longer rely on gratuity but must pay all their workers the full prevailing minimum wage. It would not officially ban tips but remove them from calculating how much workers earn.

Everyone agrees that we must do more to ensure that working-class Washingtonians can afford to live and thrive in this city. With the passing of Initiative 82, we are moving closer to that point.

In solidarity,
Trayon White, Sr.
Councilmember, Ward 8
DC leaf collection season is HERE! Visit: [link removed]… ([link removed]) to confirm your area’s leaf collection dates and download the MyDPW app to receive alerts about the collection in your neighborhood.

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Students Apart of the Tech Prep Student Government Association at Friendship PCS Met With CM White.

On October 31st, students from Tech Prep Student Government Association at Friendship PCS held a meeting with Councilmember Trayon White where they discussed their futures, current issues within the community and plans for an upcoming Ward 8 Teen Summit.

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Councilmember Trayon White Attends Celebration For Food Access Grantees & DMV Black Restaurant Week

On November 7th, Councilmember White celebrated the recipients of the Food Access Fund grants and encouraged residents to support Black-owned restaurants during DMV Black Restaurant Week.

The Food Access Fund provides local entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring much-needed resources and amenities to the community. For more information on the grant and how to apply, visit [link removed] ([link removed]) .
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CLICK TO WATCH ([link removed])
Councilmember Trayon White Held A Virtual Emergency Meeting for Henson Ridge Residents.

On November 3rd, Councilmember White held an emergency meeting for residents at Henson Ridge. Councilmember White facilitated a conversation among residents, property owners, DC Housing Authority and the Metropolitan Police Department to find solutions to property concerns. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for November 14th.

The Good Hope Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. cross in Anacostia, a district in Washington, D.C. (Photo: picture alliance via Getty Images)

Gentrification is not a fast death. It’s a slow warming over that works its way into the body. There is a discovery that things have changed and then a new kind of normal. One day it’s a corner store, the next it’s an organic-hot-yoga-dim-sum communal space for people who don’t look like you.

Chocolate City wants to remember one of their own — but there has been pushback from interlopers who want a voice in the naming of things. Because that’s the other side of Columbusing an area: it’s not just pillaging the land, it’s changing it entirely. In Washington, D.C., that’s playing out in the fight to rename Good Hope Road in honor of famed Mayor Marion Barry Jr.

It’s a new front in the war on race and public memory. A bizarre rhetorical battle is raging between Phil Mendelson, the Chair of the Council of the District of Columbia, who is white, and Councilmember Trayon White, who is Black and represents Ward 8, the Blackest ward in this gentrifying city.
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