From Jasmine Beach-Ferrara <[email protected]>
Subject Thank you
Date November 9, 2022 1:42 PM
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Over the past 20 months, we’ve poured our heart and soul into this campaign. Every conversation had, and every dollar raised, allowed us to make an impact in NC-11.

We didn’t accept a dime of corporate PAC money, yet we ran the largest field operation ever seen in WNC history, working shoulder-to-shoulder with local and state candidates and county parties.

We led North Carolina as the district with the highest early vote turnout, and we inspired folks who were never politically engaged before to get involved in this election.

I decided to run for Congress because Western North Carolina is my home. I was tired of seeing right-wing extremism divide our community, and I knew others were tired of it, too.

And despite coming up short in the end, we gave this campaign everything we had. I truly could not be more proud of what we have done together.

I called Chuck Edwards to congratulate him on this victory and I wish him and his family the best moving forward.

While the results of this election demonstrate that there is still so much work to be done to bridge the divides in our politics and our country, the impact our campaign made makes me more hopeful than ever about what is possible here in WNC as we move forward.

I want to thank every single supporter, new and old, who has been all in with us during this race. I also can’t thank my campaign team enough for their hard work, the countless volunteers who went out of their way to show up, and the voters who made their voices heard.

Although our campaign is coming to an end, the fight for a better Western North Carolina and a better country continues. We still have so much work to do to improve healthcare access, defend our basic rights, create a better future for our kids, and so much more.

But for now, I want you to know how proud I am of all we’ve accomplished together.

Thank you for being all in with us every step of the way,


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