There's a record low turnout being reported across Massachusetts, there's less than an hour remaining until polls close, and that means one thing..


If you haven't yet, make your voice heard! Less than an hour to go, if you get in line before 8 PM, STAY IN LINE!
Let's GO!!!
Jim Lyons
Chairman, Massachusetts Republican Party


If you have a few minutes to spare, and you're still undecided on your vote, please join me for a brief jog down memory lane:

It's early March, 2020.

An uninspiring Joe Biden is about to have the whole primary deck cleared for him by the Democratic establishment, which will then hide him away from the American public in his Delaware basement, all the while selling him to voters through the mainstream media as "the moderate."

Fast-forward to October 2022, and Joe Biden is no moderate. The man sold by the national media as the great unifier is anything but, and proceeds to tell half the country to go to hell at almost every opportunity.

His administration and the direction of the country is under control by radical progressives, who have unleashed record inflation and record energy and fuel prices upon weary Americans.

If you've been paying attention at all to the media's coverage of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Maura Healey, chances are high you're experiencing some eerie sense that you've seen this before.

Déjà vu.

None of our illustrious attorney general's claims of being "the moderate" who will "cut taxes" have been questioned at all by the Massachusetts press corps.

The Boston Globe sells her to the public as some sort of gubernatorial point guard, dishing no-look passes of goodwill to every corner of the commonwealth.

Yet that track record of suing the former president more than 100 times, of never once using her office to probe reams of evidence pointing to corruption within her own party, of indicting a Republican threat to a Congressional Democratic ally and donor over a 3-year-old gun charge dismissed as a misunderstanding, that all still remains unanswered for.

And just like they did for Joe Biden, the Democrats cleared the track for Maura Healey's primary nomination.

And just like they did for Joe Biden, the media has insisted on portraying Maura Healey as the moderate unifier, despite everything you've seen, read, heard, and witnessed throughout the entire course of her time as attorney general.

And just like with Joe Biden, you can go ahead and bet the farm that while Maura Healey may be the one passing the buck -- err, ball -- it will be the radical progressives who will be taking all the shots in a Healey administration.

That much I can absolutely guarantee you.
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