From Jasmine <[email protected]>
Subject Time to hit the gas
Date November 6, 2022 11:17 PM
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Hi folks,

Early voting ended in NC yesterday and it’s been pretty incredible to see what’s happening on the ground here – voting lines around the block even in heavy rains, college students driving home to vote in person, people bringing their kids so they can be part of the process too.

Coming out of early voting, NC-11 leads the state in turnout and number of doors knocked as well. We know that the best way to drive turnout is by getting out there to knock doors and have in person conversations with folks. And we’re so grateful to the incredible team of volunteers who are showing up to knock doors with us every day of the week.

I spent the afternoon knocking doors with my friend Martin Moore, who is running for County Commission. We talked with people who are still deciding whether to vote or not – “will it even matter?” one man asked.

I get why people ask this question, in a time when it can feel like so much is broken about our politics. And it’s also why it matters so much to show up and meet people where they are, to ask what matters to them, to share a vision of how we can move forward together.

This evening, we wrapped up a call with candidates and Democratic Party leaders across Western NC and our team here in NC-11 is dialed in and ready to hit the gas. And we need your help to make sure we can push as hard as possible to turn out every single vote we need. Knocking doors, making calls, sending texts, working the polls, digging deep to donate again – it’s going to take all of us being all in.

As of right now, we’re falling $16,817 short of our Get Out the Vote Fund goal. We’ll be at the finish line of this race in just over 48 hours, and in that remaining time, we have to turn out as many voters as possible. Will you chip in $25 or more today to power our Get Out the Vote efforts?

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