John Lira for Congress

Well, we officially blew the engine in my car. (No, seriously!)

After nearly a year of campaigning across TX-23, the engine in my car FINALLY burned out.

You don’t have to live in TX-23 to appreciate just how big this district really is.

Can you rush a contribution right now so we can ensure our volunteers have the resources they need as they travel across the district to help us unseat Tony Gonzales?

For the last leg of my campaign, I put 23,000 miles on my mother’s car after mine finally bit the dust and I borrowed hers.

But one thing I learned while I was in the Marines — sometimes you just have to improvise.

And please keep in mind that when you’re driving across TX-23, sometimes it can feel like you’re driving on a treadmill! But I’ve really enjoyed seeing the beauty that this district has to offer.

The #1 thing you need to know is this: Our volunteers are out driving across the district nearly every day, which is why your support helps us keep them going with gas cards, snacks, bottles of water and more.

So today, I’m humbly asking:

Will you please make a $5 donation or more toward our people-powered movement? This is our chance to flip this seat blue and get right-wing extremist Tony Gonzales out of Washington.


If you've stored your info with ActBlue Express, we'll process your contribution instantly to John Lira:

Thanks for all you do.