From Mary Vought <[email protected]>
Subject Gutter Politics in Georgia
Date November 5, 2022 7:01 PM
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The only surprise about the Left’s character assassination of Herschel Walker
is that it took so long.
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Fellow Conservative:

The only surprise about the Left’s character assassination of Herschel Walker
is that it took so long.

Democrats don’t care about Walker’s past. They don’t care about his family.
They don’t care about his mistakes or personal growth.

All they care about is his courage.

Herschel Walker is a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-constitution leader who will vote
in the Senate to take power away from woke elites and restore it to the
American people.

That’s what the Georgia Senate race is about. That’s what the personal attacks
against Herschel Walker are about. That’s what the entire 2022 election is

These attacks are all just a big snipe hunt: distractions from the chaos
Democrats have created in the last two years:

▶︎ a recession,
▶︎ an inflation crisis,
▶︎ an energy crisis,
▶︎ a violent crime wave, and
▶︎ a border crisis.

Meanwhile, they have weaponized every institution they control — from the FBI
to public schools to public health agencies — to prey on patriotic,
conservative Americans.

They hate Herschel Walker for the same reason they hate us: he wants to stop
them dead in their tracks.

Woke socialists are pouring millions of dollars into Georgia to tear down
Herschel Walker. Patriotic conservatives must answer in kind.

Take action to help win the Battle of Georgia today!
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Senate Conservatives Fund is pulling out all the stops to win this crucial
Senate seat. SCF is collecting contributions from conservatives around the
country for Herschel Walker and the Battle of Georgia.

We've made it possible for you and other freedom-loving Americans to donate
directly to his campaign. We will pay all processing fees so he can spend every
cent on voter contact to win this critical race.

Now is the time for conservatives across the nation to get off the sidelines
and into this fight.
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The clock is ticking, and the stakes are high.

This race in Georgia is not just a fight for conservatives against woke
socialism. Winning it would be a victory for personal redemption against gutter
politics. For struggling families over cynical elites. And for America against
the corrupt frauds tearing her down.

Help Herschel Walker. Help America. Give today!
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Thank you for considering this urgent request and for doing so much to help
fight for America's future!


Mary Vought

Executive Director

Senate Conservatives Fund




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