Dear John,


We have been making calls all summer long, dialing almost 7,000 voters in PA and upwards of 300,000 for all Sister District candidates. Now is the time to put in that final 1% Effort! If you are asking why should you join in a Sister District phonebank, here are the 2 reasons:


1. IT WORKS. Phonebanking works. Not every dial leads to a conversation but the ones that do multiply. Years and years of data and experience show how important it is to make these contacts and mobilize voters.


2. IT MATTERS. Sister District studies have found that stopping 1% of the drop-off - JUST ONE PERCENT - from the national offices to the local elections could be enough to flip seats. Sometimes Sister District candidates are fighting to establish majorities in the state houses to advance reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, climate protections, and protect democracy itself; sometimes they are working to keep from becoming a super-minority, which would allow Republicans almost a free pass to implement their regressive agendas. We need YOU to give YOUR 1% EFFORT to help our candidates. 


Sign up here or at the links below for SD DC/VA/MD phonebanks today at 11 and Monday at 6:30 - Please join us! 🤩


The worst thing that we can do is sit this last weekend out - if you can't join us, please please please help Get 👏 Out 👏 The 👏 Vote👏  and try another Sister District phonebank! ☎️


Here is the full schedule, with some special guests!


Jason Alexander Sa 11/5 1pm ET
June Diane Raphael M 11/7 1pm ET
Peri Gilpin M 11/7 9pm ET

GOTV Schedule (subject to change, prep materials sent upon sign-up)

Sa 10am ET NV State Rep. Brittney Miller
Sa 1pm ET MI challenger Darrin Camilleri
Sa 3pm ET WI State Rep. Tip McGuire
Sa 5pm ET NC State Rep. Deb Butler
Sa 7pm ET AZ LD9 challengers Lorena Austin & Eva Burch

Su 11am ET PA challenger Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz
Su 1pm ET PA challenger Melissa Cerrato
Su 3pm ET WI State Rep. Lee Snodgrass
Su 5pm ET AZ challenger Brian Fernandez
Su 7pm ET AZ LD9 challengers Lorena Austin & Eva Burch

M 9am ET PA challenger Arvind Venkat
M 11am ET NC State Sen. Sydney Batch
M 1pm ET PA challenger Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz
M 3pm ET MI challenger Darrin Camilleri
M 6pm ET TBA
M 9pm ET TBA

T 9am ET TBA
T 11am ET TBA
T 1pm ET TBA
T 3pm ET TBA
T 5pm ET TBA
T 8pm ET TBA

Help us double the number of undecided voters we find & vote plans we make at each phonebank through Election Day. Please sign up now for the DC/MD/VA GOTV shifts below, or find another Sister District event here:

Sat Nov 5  11am-1pm ET

Mon Nov 7  6:30pm-8pm ET

Some of these races will be won or lost by a handful of votes -- you could make the difference, truly. No experience necessary, full training provided, it's a wonderful group, and it's a great way to volunteer from home. 


We don't want to wake up on Nov 9 wishing we'd done more. Thank you for jumping in!


Let's win,

-Sister District DC/VA/MD


Paid for by Sister District Project. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.