Hi Jack,


I am asking EVERYONE EVERYWHERE: “Have you voted yet?”


So many are telling me, “Oh, no. Not yet. But I *think* I’m going to.” This is making me a little nervous! Please don’t miss your chance to have a voice.


As of June, we have 1.76 MILLION registered voters in Arkansas. In the last midterm election (2018), fewer than 900k people voted.


When we take into account how many people could be registered, that’s a turnout rate of 41.3%. This year, turnout is expected to be about the same – less than a million.


If that’s the case, win numbers are around 450,000 for statewide candidates.


In 2020, 423,932 Arkansans turned out to vote for Joe Biden – and that was with only 54% of our eligible voters participating!!!


We can get a lot done by getting people to the polls. And I’m talking to people every day who are lifelong Republicans who are voting for Democrats this year. 


They’re abandoning their party – and voting for me – because they’re tired of the divisive scare tactics and manipulative communication that focuses on national issues, not Arkansas, where we are all supposed to be running.


Are we still the underdogs? Yes. Absolutely. I know where we live, but we don’t have the problem of Democrats deciding to vote Republican.


Hear me: We have a voting problem – and that’s the kind of problem we can fix by simply voting. (Young people, specifically, please make a plan to vote!!)


If Democrats show up and some of the Republican votes go to the Dems, the impact could be huge.


Don’t give up hope. Go vote!!


More soon,




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Kelly Krout is a mom, former foster parent, and a lifelong Arkansan. She’s also the ONLY Democrat running for Lt. Governor. Kelly loves breaking down policies and advocating for better systems for families. Please support Kelly’s campaign and let’s make a difference in Arkansas. Thank You!


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