From Tim O'Hare for Tarrant County Judge <[email protected]>
Subject My Commitment: Real Relief
Date November 2, 2022 6:04 PM
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No more empty promises. We Need Real Property Tax Relief Friends, Every two years, candidates travel across the county promising desperately needed tax relief. They promise to cut taxes and spending, and yet each year the government seems to just tighten the grip they have on our pocketbooks more and more. If everyone is promising tax relief, why do our taxes continue to skyrocket? This week, many of you will open your mailboxes to see that dreaded blue notice: property taxes are due, and they’ve gone up. A lot. Money you’ve earmarked for Christmas and holiday plans is now being shifted to cover outrageous and unsustainable taxes. After a year of historic and unprecedented inflation, many are struggling to financially stay afloat. People are downsizing their homes, drastically altering their lifestyles, or going into debt - just to keep food on the table. Everything is expensive, and a colossal failure of leadership has left us with no present relief, no hope for upcoming improvement, and no signs of a way out of this recession. And yet, in the midst of this record-breaking inflation, when we are all making do with less, the government is demanding more. I’m tired of candidates promising relief, only to bow to the whims of special interests and bureaucrats once they are in office. I’m tired of our hard-earned dollars going to projects we don’t want, we don’t need, and we can’t afford. Enough is enough. As your next County Judge, I will be relentless in fighting to get your tax rates down. I will cut wasteful and unnecessary spending from the budget, and I will work to ensure that we are always getting the best deal on necessary projects and expenses. High quality should not be synonymous with high costs. You work hard for your money, and you deserve to keep it. This isn’t just a typical flashy campaign promise. This is my commitment, my conviction, and my passion. We will climb our way out of this economic mess when government stops bleeding people dry, and it all starts here and now, in Tarrant County. You deserve more. You deserve better. I’m ready to go to battle for you. Next year, it is my hope that when you receive that dreaded blue notice in the mail, you let out a sigh of relief instead of a sigh of dread. Tim If you haven’t already, make sure to vote early between now and 7 PM on November 4th. Here are polling locations and times for Election Day, November 8th. See you at the polls! Tim O'Hare Republican Nominee for Tarrant County Judge [email protected] Donate Get Involved Get Connected ‌ ‌ ‌ Pol. Adv. Paid for by Tim O'Hare for Tarrant County Judge Campaign. Vince Puente, Treasurer. P.O. Box 92215, Southlake, TX 76092 Tim O'Hare Campaign | P.O. Box 92215, Southlake, TX 76092 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by [email protected] powered by Try email marketing for free today!
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