From Nicole, Accountable Tech <[email protected]>
Subject tell Facebook to Fix the Feed
Date October 31, 2022 9:54 PM
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Add your name to Fix the Feed: With the 2022 election just around the corner, we’re calling on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube to stop promoting the most incendiary content, staff up to protect democracy, and provide greater transparency. Join us in urging social media companies to fix the feeds. [[link removed]]

Hey there --

Five days before Election Day in 2020, Facebook made a small change to its algorithmic recommendation engine with a BIG impact.

We urged them to stop recommendations that were sending folks to extremist Facebook groups — and guess what? Facebook listened and turned off the feature for political groups. While it certainly fell short in preventing the violence that came after the election, we made a difference.

There is still time for social media platforms to set up interventions before, during, and after Election Day to ensure they don’t amplify electoral disinformation or violent rhetoric. We joined the Change the Terms coalition to demand platforms take three actions to Fix the Feed. There’s an important petition delivery on Wednesday — will you add your name? [[link removed]]

Sign the Petition [[link removed]]

For months, Accountable Tech and our partners in the Change The Terms coalition have been calling on Big Tech to take threats to next week’s election seriously, but as a new report shows, social media companies have been making empty promises [[link removed]] .

It’s not too late for to help mitigate online harms that could lead to real-world violence or undermine public confidence in election integrity. Add your name and together we can push Facebook and other social media platforms to act to protect democracy. [[link removed]]

Thanks for speaking out ,

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Nicole Gill
Co-founder and Executive Director
Accountable Tech

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Democracy depends on common truths. Social media giants are eroding our consensus reality and pushing democracy to the brink. Accountable Tech is fighting back by urging social media companies to serve the public good by strengthening the integrity of their platforms and our democracy. Make a donation to fund our work → [[link removed]]
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