John Lira for Congress


Our next fundraising deadline is tomorrow, and everything we raise between now and tomorrow will go toward our Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) efforts as we kick into overdrive between now and when polling places close on Election Day!

We’ve watched John’s message resonate with voters across TX-23, and everything we can raise in the next 24 hours will help us spread his message even further and turn people out on Election Day.

You still have time to make a real impact on this race — and the most direct way is to rush a donation to our GOTV Fund. Your contributions will go directly toward speaking with more voters between now and Election Day, and those voters could be the difference between victory and defeat on November 8th.

We’re counting on you and this grassroots team to power our movement through to Election Day. If you can, please make a $10 donation to our GOTV Fund right away →

The difference between John and Tony Gonzales couldn’t be clearer. Families in TX-23 and beyond need a champion like John to meet this moment. Because of this grassroots movement, we’ve been able to share John’s message far and wide, and to great results.

But with so much at stake, we’re leaving nothing to chance – which is why we need a major push from this team before midnight tomorrow.

Time is of the essence. Make a $10 donation to our GOTV Fund and help put John in the best possible position to win on November 8th.

Let’s do this!

Team Lira