From Tim O'Hare for Tarrant County Judge <[email protected]>
Subject The Polls Are Open! Time to Vote
Date October 24, 2022 1:04 PM
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Find out where to early vote >> Today is the FIRST DAY of Early Voting! Friends, This is it- the moment we’ve been working toward over the past year and a half. Today is the first day of Early Voting, and the first day to let your voice be heard in this critical election. We are at a crossroads. We’ve had front row seats to see what liberal government has to offer- bare grocery shelves, historically high gas prices, record-breaking inflation, war, rioting and lawlessness, a full-on assault on the American family structure, progressive agendas infiltrating our schools and seeking to indoctrinate our children, and an erosion of the very core principles upon which our nation was founded. In the past two years we’ve witnessed the most colossal failure of leadership in American history. These have been dark days, but we have the opportunity to seize hold of a brighter future. I believe our Nation, our State, and our County can and must be destined for greater things. I believe it’s time for us to stand up, speak out, and demand more- demand better. Let our votes be our voices. As your next County Judge, I will work alongside you to secure that brighter future. I will work to cut spending and lower your taxes, leaving more money in your pocketbook and less of a financial burden you didn’t ask for and don’t deserve on your shoulders. I will work to restore ethics, accountability, and transparency in our local government. I will boldly and unapologetically stand up for law and order- supporting our brave men and women on the front lines in their efforts to fight crime and keep Tarrant County the safest place to live, work, and raise a family in all of Texas. I will not yield to the “Woke left” and their efforts to destroy our schools, defund our police, and desecrate the American family. I will never back down from a fight, I will always stand up for the truth, and I will lead boldly and with discipline. I’m confident we are going to be victorious, and I’m proud of the campaign we’ve run. We’ve been blessed to have the best volunteers, supporters, and donors in all of Texas. This campaign has truly been a grassroots effort, and I’m proud to have worked alongside each of you. But it all comes down to this. Every door knocked, phone call made, text sent, dollar donated, and event attended has brought us to this moment. It’s time to go vote (and bring your friends, neighbors, and family with you)! Find out where to vote early Find out where to vote on Election Day Early Voting runs now through November 4th. Let your voice be heard. Vote for a bright Tarrant County future. Vote to Keep Texas Red! KEEP TEXAS RED Tim O'Hare Republican Nominee for Tarrant County Judge [email protected] Get Connected ‌ ‌ ‌ Pol. Adv. Paid for by Tim O'Hare for Tarrant County Judge Campaign. Vince Puente, Treasurer. P.O. Box 92215, Southlake, TX 76092 Tim O'Hare Campaign | P.O. Box 92215, Southlake, TX 76092 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by [email protected] powered by Try email marketing for free today!
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