From Senator Scott Kawasaki <[email protected]>
Subject A balanced Senate is an accountable Senate
Date October 22, 2022 12:29 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
More than two-thirds of the state is not registered with an official political party. As Alaskans, you deserve a legislature that works for you – not one specific group of politicians.

Thank you for supporting my campaign. Every vote matters, and we need to reach as many as we can with our message. Can you donate $10 or $20 today to help boost our campaign through radio and other channels?

We have been named a race to watch for a bipartisan Senate. Four years ago, I was first elected to the Senate by 179 votes. I always have close races, and the stakes are just as high this time around – let us dream big. I am the professional in this race, the committed public servant. I have been in Alaska’s legislature since 2007, and proudly serving in your Senate since 2018. I am the only candidate for the Coalition for Good Governance, aiming for transparency and accountability in government. We should be checking ourselves and making decisions based on the collective, and not based on the agendas of an overly-advantaged group of politicians. My opponents are not for the public. They have already made moves clearly indicating their own prejudices. When one is inspired to run because of a new advantage to rig an imbalance, it doesn’t inspire much trust. Whereas I frequently partner with folks across the aisle, voting for good funding and economical good sense. I hope for us to put down our partisan blinders and really work together, because we’ve had a lot of issues that need to be addressed. By working hard together, you and I can get the job done. We are putting out people first, our vets and their families, prioritizing public safety, and defending our rights and resources as Alaskans. All of your support is appreciated in these last few weeks to the vote – 18 days to go. Thank you, Scott

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