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Subject DC LaborFest PLUS: Virtual Workers Unite Film Festival!
Date October 20, 2022 2:04 PM
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[link removed] Films: Virtual Workers Unite Film Festival (through Friday)


The Workers Unite Film Festival, based in New York City, is currently hosting the virtual segment of its Season 11 film festival, with a selection of over 35 titles now available online on-demand, including Who Cares About DC? which tells the story of DC's status as America's last plantation through the voices of activists who have been working for decades to make DC the 51st State, realizing the dream of full American citizenship for its more than 700,000 residents.

To watch, just click here and create a free Eventive login (if you don't already have one). Click the 'login' link in the upper right corner or wait to be prompted to log in when you first try to 'unlock' an individual screening. You'll have until 10pm EST on Friday, October 21st to purchase virtual screenings and 24 hours to finish watching them after you start.

To view a movie on the Eventive TV App, add selections to your account then download the app on your TV and open it.

The Workers Unite Film Festival, like the DC Labor FilmFest, is part of the Global Labor Film Festival Network. Watch Page Browse the Virtual Fest Film Guide: [link removed]

[link removed] Virtual Fest Trailer Compilation (or click on the video below)[link removed] Films and Directors List 2022 (All Synopses)
[link removed] More Info/Links

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