We know as the year, and this fundraising quarter, draw to a close, you are being inundated with emails asking for your help.


Why is it important to support our candidacy?


·Electing John would put the FIRST NEUROSCIENTIST EVER into Congress


·It would mean electing someone who puts evidence over ideology


·We would send a message to Donald Trump and his supporters that our American values are alive and well


When John speaks about his plans, his values, and his dreams for our country, voters are listening and responding.  We have already reached 42,000 voters at their doors and we are hearing the same thing: They want someone who brings facts and evidence to the table, not just platitudes and empty plans.


 Can you join our team today and help us get the message out to the next 42,000 voters?

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We value science and facts.  And you know who else values those things? The people here in TX-24.  Let's make sure their voices are heard.


Team Biggan

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