From Courtney <[email protected]>
Subject Can't give $$ to support Courtney?
Date October 14, 2022 12:49 PM
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Dear John,

Many who would love to financially support Courtney can't do that. But you can do something EQUALLY or even MORE valuable to #SendaNursetoCongress!

You can hand a Courtney Geels for Congress palm card
* to the waiter or waitress at Cracker Barrel or the cashier at Hardee's or Bojangles or.....
* to the check-out clerk at Food Lion or Harris Teeter or Family Dollar or Home Depot or.....
* to the plumber or painter or HVAC repairman who just came to your house...
* to the receptionist at your dentist's office, or the hygienist who just cleaned your teeth...
* to the person filling up their car with gas while you fill up your car with gas...
* to the teller at your local bank...
* or to someone on the street.

HOW? It's simple. With people you know (your dental hygienist) it's easy. Even with strangers, it's easy.

With a random stranger: "Hi, have you heard about this nurse running for Congress?"

With an acquaintance or someone you're already "engaged" with (the cashier at Harris Teeter), you simply go straight to your "20 second speech."


"I want to help Courtney Geels in her campaign to become our Congresswoman. Would you take a look at this information about her? She's a nurse, NOT a politician, and she would bring some common sense to Washington DC. We really need some of that these days."

If just 500 people have 20 conversations like this, that’s 10,000 positive impressions for Courtney Geels.

Visit our website to get your palm cards (they come in Spanish, too). [Just fill out the contact form, and we'll get you directed to the right place!]
Ask for Your Palm Cards! ([link removed])

Maybe you’re not the conversational type? Chip in $5, $10, $20 or more! Every dollar counts as we fight for the future of our great country.

Another way to support Courtney?
Like & Share her posts on social media!
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