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Dear John,

Did you know that legislative support for school choice is much less bipartisan—even though it’s more popular among voters today than it’s ever been? Democrats are far more likely to vote against it, while conservatives support parent choice.

I'm Courtney Geels, a nurse running to become your Congresswoman in Washington D.C., and this sounds a bit off to me. Maybe it does to you, too?

The highest funded county in our district, per child, has the lowest average testing scores. Higher funding isn't the solution. There has to be an intervention on behalf of our students and parents and teachers! Teachers are leaving the classroom at an alarming rate due to low pay, high regulation and testing, and large class sizes. Education is the key to success in life and we can't allow this generation to fall through the cracks.

And get this. Although most registered Democratic voters support school choice, Democratic Party politics have their ears open to everyone else intent on enforcing a hidden agenda within America’s schools. At an alarming rate, our public schools have become political pawns of wealthy teacher unions, leftist school officials, and radical teachers that have infiltrated the public schools to promote communist, socialist, and sexually perverted propaganda. And this is no conspiracy. It’s actually happening, folks.

You shouldn't have to co-parent with the government.

From books in libraries that promote sexual activities, including pornographic illustrations, to ELEMENTARY kids [you heard that right], to the encouragement in individual classrooms of children, young children, to define their sexual orientation…and so much more, public schools are losing trust with parents.  

It’s time to empower parents to have a say in what is taught in schools– that truly educating our kids with fundamental core curriculum should be the focus, not indoctrinating them with leftist ideologies. Parents deserve a choice to place their kids in an educational institution that aligns with their values, no matter their income level. This is a no-brainer. Our parents should not have to co-parent with the government. It’s time to provide better options, creating a competing marketplace which will help raise the standard of education across the board, which only benefits the students in the long run. 

Early voting starts October 20th. We can’t sit idly by. This is the future of our kids; of our nation. Get out to vote for common sense. I’m ready to get my hands dirty for the sake of our kids.

For truth, justice, and unity,

Courtney Geels

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