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My opponent was on The Problem with Jon Stewart yesterday, and I’ll give her this: that was a bold move.


The show focused on states that have led the way in passing anti-trans legislation, and of course, Arkansas is out in front. Jon had a panel of experts and two parents of transgender children on the show – people who are actually impacted by these types of laws.


They also decided to interview Leslie Rutledge, who defends these laws as Arkansas’s Attorney General. (She also happens to be my opponent in this 2022 race for Lieutenant Governor.)


It was difficult to watch, even as someone who completely disagrees with her on this topic.


You can watch the video at this link and then donate to support my campaign so that families in Arkansas have a leader in their corner who has done the research and listens to the experts.


When talking about transgender issues, I always start by reminding people that it’s normal to be uncomfortable, uncertain, or even fearful about things you don’t know just a ton about. And why would you be an expert in gender-affirming care if that didn’t apply to you?


However, if we make laws that drastically impact people’s families, we must *become* experts in that subject.


The actual experts – the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Psychiatric Association – agree that gender-affirming healthcare *is* lifesaving healthcare.


Gender-affirming healthcare teams are made up of (not limited to) a primary care physician, psychologist, clinical social worker, professional counselor, endocrinologist, gynecologist, and even pastoral care (if desired). It’s a pretty educated group of people!


At first, any transition is purely social in nature. Think things like pronouns, a chosen name, clothing, and haircuts. As children move into adolescence, families might consider puberty blockers. The bar is high to be considered for medical intervention. The standard used is insistent, consistent, and persistent in their gender identity. Puberty blockers are safe and have been used for years to treat precocious (early) puberty. There is no need to reverse–this just buys time. It is a pause.


The child receives this care with the support of a highly specialized team and their guardians – and all of the decisions are made with the goal of the child living into adulthood. It’s that serious.


We know that transgender youth have a much higher risk of self-harm or suicide, and gender-affirming care reduces that risk.


Our leaders should learn and become experts before they make laws. If you agree, I’m asking you to join my campaign to ensure Arkansas families have an advocate in Little Rock who is in their corner.


If you have questions about gender-affirming care or transgender issues, please know that this is a no-judgment zone. Reply to this email, and I will get back to you. 


Thanks so much for your time today.


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P.S. Please be patient if you send in a question, we’re in the final days of our race, so it might take me some time to get back to everyone, but this topic is important – and the more we understand, the better.


P.S.S. To the LGBTQIA+ community: I am sure it’s tough to watch your leaders be so unwilling to learn. Take care of yourselves, and please know I will always have your back. 💟



Kelly Krout is a mom, former foster parent, and a lifelong Arkansan. She’s also the ONLY Democrat running for Lt. Governor. Kelly loves breaking down policies and advocating for better systems for families. Please support Kelly’s campaign and let’s make a difference in Arkansas. Thank You!


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