Dear Friend of OpenSecrets,

Last week, our researchers projected the total cost of this year’s midterm. The price tag?

$9.3 billion.

This total will easily exceed the 2018 midterms, and is more evidence that massive injections of money into elections are here to stay. 

The surge in spending goes hand in hand with political division, fueling what I call a “polarization vortex.” As our partisan divide intensifies, both parties’ fundraising engines work around the clock to promote their rhetoric and mobilize their base.

We’ve been following the money for decades, and have always been committed to an unbiased examination of dollars raised and spent each cycle. OpenSecrets readers know that comprehensive and accurate data is needed to cut through the bias and see who’s got skin in the game.

With four days remaining in our fall donation drive, we kindly ask you to consider giving to our nonprofit cause for the first time. 

While we project over $9.3 billion in spending, we still have billions to track between now and election day. You can support our team’s tireless efforts to bring you the data you need before the polls open.

We follow the money. You make it possible. →
This work does not happen in a vacuum. Dozens of news outlets rely on our fact-based research to report on the money shaping our government. For example, our research on the cost of this year’s election has already been picked up by The New York Times, Axios, Roll Call, The Fulcrum, Financial Times, Washington Examiner and many others. 

This is where we can see the power of reliable data. It forms the bedrock of our knowledge of how the system works and provides a mutual understanding that we can all build off of to make change.

By supporting OpenSecrets, you are building the foundation of publicly available, fact-based information that reveals how our government works and holds it accountable. 

Please read our report on the total cost of this year’s election, and consider a one-time gift to help us maintain our data and reporting and keep it free for all.
With gratitude,

Sheila Krumholz
Executive Director

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