Team Geels,
Monday, October 3 is a night that all Orange County residents should be concerned about. And all other North Carolinians should be watching carefully. Please read the message from Moms For Liberty Orange County Chair, Gretchen Schmid below regarding the BOCC meeting Monday night. WEAR YOUR COURTNEY GEELS SHIRTS! Unfortunately, Courtney has prior commitments and cannot be there. She did, however speak out on June 21!

Friends of Liberty!
Please consider joining us as we defend our first amendment rights in Orange County Monday, October 3rd | 7:00 pm at the Board Of County Commissioners where the commissioners will do a new first reading of ordinance 8-s, "Regulation of Gatherings on or near School Property and Public Playgrounds”. Because of public outrage and citizens who showed up voicing their concerns on June 21, the board delayed their vote on this ordinance until October for the first reading, revisiting this ludicrous idea coming from the Orange County School Board. For more information, please visit

On the agenda for Monday night:
6. Regular Agenda a. Regulation of Gatherings on and near School Property and Public Playgrounds

Whitted Building               
300 W Tryon St. in Hillsborough

* Would you like to help with public comment on the facts around the school board instigating this assault on the citizens of Orange County?
Gretchen is asking for 7 volunteers to read a 3 minute public comment that is already written out. 
If interested, please contact Gretchen at [email protected]
Planning and coordination session this Saturday 6:45pm - 7:45pm at 232 Orange Grove St., Hillsborough  

*We will also be meeting prior to the meeting starting Oct 3rd at 6:30pm for final organization and planning before the meeting. Location TBD

Consider joining Moms for Liberty, Orange County!
October Chapter Meeting
Thursday, October 6th at 6:30 pm
We will be addressing organizational needs of the chapter, a fall focus for outreach to the community as well as outreach to the teachers of our county.

Save the Date!!
Friday, Oct. 21 New Horizon Church will be airing "Who's Children Are They?" at 7:00pm. Everyone is welcome to view.  The church has a large auditorium. If you missed the opportunity last time to view this, I highly encourage you to attend.
100 Horizon Place
Durham, NC 27705

Continuing to spread the word about fighting for our freedom under the Constitution!!  Pass it on!

Fighting for Truth, Justice and Unity Together!
Laurie Teper
Volunteer Director
Courtney Geels for Congress NC04
Email: [email protected]
Cell: (847)212-5651