From Dr. Brian Babin <[email protected]>
Subject I signed the pledge...
Date September 27, 2022 10:30 PM
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Recently, 18 of my Republican colleagues and I signed a pledge to oppose Joe Biden’s plan to add 87,000 MORE IRS agents to the agency’s labor force.

We don’t take kindly to the idea of using $80 BILLION in new funding to expand the size of the ​​bureaucracy - especially the IRS. Our country needs many things right now, but more IRS agents is not one of them.

Middle-class Americans should not have to foot the bill and face more tax audits just to satisfy the Democrats’ desire for control.

Friend, this is where the Democrats' priorities are. They’re planning to spend $80 billion on the IRS but not a single penny to secure the southern border.

I will make no apologies for standing up for fiscal responsibility. But, it’s going to take much more than 19 of us to make some changes in Congress.

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For Texas,

Rep. Brian Babin

Republican for Congress (TX-36)

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