Hi Jack – I’ve been meaning to send you an update on the One Dem Minute film festival hosted by Civic Power of Change.


My TikTok video covering the broad spectrum of birth control options that could lower the number of abortions and teen pregnancy rates WON. Here’s a GIF of Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Cruz from Criminal Minds) announcing my win.

GIF of Zoom footage from the One Dem Minute film festival hosted by Civic Power of Change. In the clip, Kirsten Vangsness announces Kelly’s winning video. The GIF has a white caption at the bottom that says, “What I liked about this film is that it had a lot of truth in it. It was simplified, and it takes a very big, flexible brain to take a very complex subject and make it simple, you know, and clear.” Kelly, using a TikTok green screen background, places a video of Kelly putting her hand over her mouth to contain her excitement and appreciation.

For the past couple of years, I’ve used TikTok to break down complex issues and educate Arkansans (and people worldwide) on solutions we can pursue to navigate tricky systems.


I’ve also used it for fundraising, which brings me to my second TikTok update: TikTok plans to ban ALL political fundraising on the platform, including preventing politicians and parties from including links to campaign websites to collect donations.


Now, I don’t want any trouble, and fundraising isn’t my main goal on TikTok. I use TikTok to be creative and quickly reach my followers. So I’m taking the link to my website off my account bio on the app.


Sure, it *does* help to have links to campaign resources in the app to meet users where they are when they first learn about my campaign.


While we’ll lose grassroots donations from this change, we’ll need to make up for it on other digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and emails like this.


Every low-dollar donation made to our campaign (no matter how big or how small) supports our budget – that directly boosts my name awareness with the voters we need to win on November 8.


I’d appreciate your support over the next six weeks.


You can make an investment in our strategy at this link: 



Thanks for all you do – from reading long (but important) updates like this to spreading the word about my campaign.


More soon,





Kelly Krout is a mom, former foster parent, and a lifelong Arkansan. She’s also the ONLY Democrat running for Lt. Governor. Kelly loves breaking down policies and advocating for better systems for families. Please support Kelly’s campaign and let’s make a difference in Arkansas. Thank You!


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