Together, we can take on Big Tech.

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We launched Accountable Tech in 2020 to hold Big Tech companies accountable for their role in the spread of disinformation, hate, and extremism on and offline. Since then, thousands of you have joined our fight to take on Big Tech. 

Last week, we secured a huge win in that fight. The California Age Appropriate Design Code (AADC) — became the first bill of its kind to be signed into law in the US and it will have an enormous impact for young people not only in California, but across the country. The AADC will protect the safety of children and teens by requiring online platforms that kids are likely to use to meet new design standards – making them safer by default.

At Accountable Tech, we strive to get things done. But taking on Big Tech isn’t easy. We’ve had to be creative about where and how we can effectively take on the wide array of harms from some of the most powerful and profitable companies in history. Big wins like the passage of the AADC in California are only possible thanks to our supporters who pitch in to help fund our work. Friend, can you pitch in a donation of $10 right now to help us keep the pressure on?


Our movement is only getting started. We’re actively looking at the next big threats to our information ecosystem and democracy, and leading on campaigns that will come to shape our world for years to come, including:

  • Keep Trump off Facebook. Facebook suspended Donald Trump for using the “platform to incite violent insurrection” in Mark Zuckerberg’s own words after the Capitol insurrection. We cannot let Facebook proceed with their plans to reinstate Trump on January 7, 2023, especially as he escalates his lies about election integrity.

  • Stop the Deal. We do not want more unaccountable billionaires like Elon Musk wielding unilateral control over the biggest social media platforms. We’re continuing to fight tooth and nail to put a stop to his acquisition of the company that is headed to court next month.

  • Rein in Big Tech Monopolies. We’re fighting to get historic bipartisan antitrust legislation passed in Congress to rein in Big Tech’s corporate greed and monopoly to the benefit of consumers, workers, and small business owners.

Our success in California shows how we can take on Big Tech and win. But we need all the help we can get to stand up to some of the largest companies on Earth. Chip in to support our work as we fight back against Big Tech.

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve already made incredible progress. We couldn’t be more grateful to have you in this fight. 

Appreciate you being with us,


Nicole Gill 
Co-founder & Executive Director
Accountable Tech

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