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Subject Welcome to City on the Edge, City Limits' Climate Newsletter
Date September 23, 2022 4:00 PM
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** City on the Edge: Climate Change and New York City
Welcome to City Limits' City on the Edge newsletter, where we feature reporting and as resources for readers about climate, health and the environment in New York City.

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Here are the latest stories from City Limits:

Outsourced NYC Trash is Causing a ‘Never-Ending Odor Event’ Upstate, Lawsuit Alleges ([link removed])
Residents in upstate New York are putting a new statewide constitutional right to its first test in two lawsuits filed this spring, alleging that a landfill receiving garbage from the city is disrupting their right to clean air and a healthful environment.

Sewer Backups Nearly Doubled in NYC Last Year Due to Climate Change ([link removed])
The city’s aging infrastructure combined with more intense rainfall is resulting in more sewer backups, which took on average more than 15 hours to resolve during the last fiscal year that ended in June.

Arsenic False Alarm Still A Drain on Riis Residents’ Routines and Resources ([link removed])
For tenants who have spoken with City Limits, the impact of the tainted tap warning still lingers, invading their routines and spurring them to spend money on water they used to confidently get for free from the faucet.

Comptroller Proposes Roadmap to Legalize NYC’s Basement Apartments ([link removed])
Brad Lander’s Basement Resident Protection Law would create a “basement board” to oversee the conversions and ensure residents of these apartments—called accessory dwelling units or ADUs—have access to tenants’ rights and basic safety protections. It comes a year after rains from Hurricane Ida killed 11 New Yorkers in basement units.

Opinion: Transit Riders Won Congestion Pricing. We Deserve To See It Happen ([link removed])
“With years of work, riders pried congestion pricing from a recalcitrant Albany. We intend to see the program fully and fairly rolled out next year. When congestion pricing is implemented, drivers will pay their equitable share to access the most heavily trafficked and transit adjacent neighborhoods in the United States.”

Opinion: New York Needs a Bold Climate Action Plan ([link removed])
“The Climate Action Council Scoping Plan for New York must not allow for new or repowered gas power plants that pollute our air and endanger community health. Additionally, the final plan must set a 2024 deadline for all electric new building construction and a similar 2027 deadline for bigger buildings.”
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** “The more intense storms that climate change is bringing to the five boroughs overtaxed the City’s drainage infrastructure and caused a significant increase in sewer backups.”

-- A spokesperson for the city's Department of Environmental Protection
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